Sim Sunday: Mysterious Wave

It's an eerie sim but beautiful!

Mysterious Wave is an eerie, circus-inspired sim that has a great vibe about it.  Windlight settings really help to improve the mood, and many SL photographers have noticed that.  I see fabulous photos on blogs and on Koinup that are shot in the sim and I’ve even shot there myself.  It’s a great place to explore your creative urges.

The elephant is so adorable! If only he could roam freely.

Throughout the sim you can find sculpted animals, hot air balloons, and circus performers.  The performers are all very interesting.  I find that they serve well as background characters in your fashion images.  If you use DOF they blur out to a point where it’s not noticeable they’re statues instead of actual avatars.

Looks like there's magic in this land!

The unicorn above is really awesome.  She has a pose menu so your avatar can interact with her.  The unicorn’s poses change as well.  It’s really fun for images!

Buy some awesome art for your home!

Inside the large circus tent you’ll find artwork by a couple different artists, Ling Serenity and Cadel Aboubak.  Ling Serenity creates these really cute alien-esque pieces like the ones pictured above.  I think they’re really interesting and lovely.  They have a beautiful dreamlike quality, much like the entire Mysterious Wave sim.

Don't cross the circus performers! They have ways to punish you o_O

If you’re into circus-inspired themes or if you’re just looking for a great place to shoot your next SL images, I recommend Mysterious Wave.  I hope you have a great time exploring!


Sim Name: Mysterious Wave

Sim SLurl:

**Are the photos too small to see?  Clicking on any of the images brings up my Flickr page where you can view various sizes.


2 responses to “Sim Sunday: Mysterious Wave

  1. That had to be one of my favorite sims. I remember spending a whole day there when I visited once lol. ( well nearly a whole day lmao )

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