Mission Statement:

StyleOven is a personal blog that seeks to document my undeniable love for fashion, both in Second Life and otherwise.  Through my posts, I, “GasOven”, attempt to share my Second Life fashion finds with the community in a way that is both visually and textually appealing.  I will hopefully accomplish this through sincere written material and with various in-world images that I have taken in an effort to showcase my favorite avatar accessories and apparels.

About the Imagery:

IRL, I’m a professional photographer.  Second Life has allowed me a fun hobby for when I’m not working.  I enjoy taking images in-world and I try to use everything the viewers offer to my advantage.  I use shadow settings and DOF for many of my images.  Also, I enjoy using different windlight settings and various face and body lights to assist.  As for Photoshop, I do have it and I’m not afraid to use it.  However, since I’m showcasing SL fashions that you might want to buy, I will try my very best to shoot the images in a very clear manner in-world.  That way only minor adjustments and cropping will be necessary.  If I do post something that is severely edited, I’ll try to post a little note about the edit.  However, as of right now, I have no plans to excessively shop anything.  I just want to see what I can create with the tools and options Second Life provides.

About the Stylings:

All of the stylings you’ll see on StyleOven were put together by me unless otherwise noted.  I choose what I consider to be beautiful, quality products and I present them in my own, personal tastes.  I don’t stick to one style and I wouldn’t say there will be a general theme throughout this blog.  Also, if products are modifiable, I often modify them.  This is especially true when it comes to color.  If I do edit something, I will post a note about what I modified in order to achieve the look.  Second Life offers so many creative outlets.  Fashion offers us so many possibilities.  Just like in real life, I love customization.

About the Gadgets:

Along with fashion, I’ll be showcasing gadgets, HUDs, home decor, and even weapons that I find stylish.  To me, style is about more than the clothes on your back, and therefore, I’ll attempt to showcase an overall lifestyle.

About Product Reviews:

If you’d like your product reviewed, click here to see my terms and conditions.  I, as a blogger, am not required to tell you when a product I feature is a review copy.  I will tell you, however, that I don’t post anything that I don’t like.  If it’s on my blog, I probably would have bought it anyway.  I support what I write about.

About Sim Sunday:

On some Sundays I show you images from one of my favorite sims within Second Life.  If you know of a sim I should check out, or if you own a sim that you think I’d find interesting, please send “GasOven” a landmark in-world.  I may or may not showcase the sim.

The IRL Gas Oven:

In the “real” world, I’m a published photographer and digital artist with a studio in downtown Los Angeles.  If you’d like to see what I create, feel free to visit my website at www.gasovenphotography.com


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