Real life took over and I had to abandon StyleOven for a while.  Luckily, however, I’m back now and I hope to meet new people in SL and create some magic together.  Sadly, I missed Halloween, my favorite time of the year to blog, but every day in SL can be a costume day so I suppose there’s nothing really stopping me from enjoying a costume or two ^^

I don’t usually like wearing entire outfits from the same designer but Boudoir did a fabulous job with this gorgeous Poison Ivy full avatar.  I added a different hairstyle, my own shape, and some fabulous mesh gloves but overall this is what you get when you purchase.  The mesh quality on the corset is excellent and I was really happy with the shading on the latex stockings.  They really do have that great shine like when I photograph alternative models in real life.  Big compliments to the designer!

The crown was part of the original hair provided by Boudoir.  I liked the hair but it glitched out with all of my leaf alphas in the set I designed.  The hair is comprised of alpha textures so it isn’t always reliable.  It is however ultra creative and I’ll probably be using it with a different look one day in the future.  Just keep in mind that if you want to wear the crown without the included hair you’ll need to mod the piece.

Oh!  And please make sure to change the URL on your blogs if you’re linked back to me.  I had to make the switch to style-oven.com instead : )  (And let me know if you link to me because I would love to link to you too!)  Looking forward to posting more and getting to know all of you better!

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Sleep in Dreams

I work almost every, single day now.  Sometimes, it’s easy to get caught up in the swirl and twirl of day-to-day living and anxiety.  Colors start to blend, merge, germinate, and blossom into a few staggered and blurred wisps streaming against the dark soil that has become your mind.  Before you know it, Mondays leap over Wednesdays before plowing straight through the spine of Fridays, splattering the remnants of weekday commitments across the warm sands of promised paradises Saturday and Sunday.

I think I needed this little escape.

What I really love about Second Life is that it’s such an excellent outlet for our emotions.  We have a place here where we can imagine, re-imagine, and create.  It’s a video game, yes, but it’s also somewhere that we can all use to explore our feelings, thoughts, ideas, and desires.

It’s digital therapy for the pixelated soul.

But while it can be therapy, it can also be an all-consuming dream.  We play here, lost in our moments, and while we exist within our avatar meshes a whole world of perhaps greater possibility and experience spans out across a vast distance of the possibly never known.  I feel like this pixelated world let’s me find myself, though.  I feel like I’ve found substance here as well as in my fleshy form, and I’ve realized that dreams aren’t only meant for those moments we’re soundly asleep.


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New Horizons

Mission Horizon!  A lot of stuff is changing in my life lately!  I’m now living and working in Los Angeles, CA and WOW, it’s awesome!  The weather here is incredible, and being from Ohio, I’m stoked about being able to see the ocean whenever I’d like.  I used to dream about the ocean as a young girl.  When I’d think about my ideal home it was always right there on a sandy beach, the cool breeze coming in over the crashing waves.  Of course, living on some distant, exotic planet was always in my mind too!  How awesome would that be?  Well, I guess “awesome” would depend on the planet.  It would be awful to just be dropped into a world without oxygen!

You’d probably need some pretty sweet gear if you were tossed onto a foreign planet.  After all, intergalactic travel and the threat of war both call for a bit of added protection.  You’d probably want to wear something like this awesome rigged mesh armor by Xeno.  I absolutely love this piece.  It has such great texture and the limbs move extremely well.  There isn’t any severe stretch or even a rough edge.  This is a top quality product that is sure to keep you safe when you’re roaming about uncharted lands.  Plus, the legs on this piece are amazing.  Such a creative design!

It doesn’t come with the headpiece, and if you want something like mine, you’ll need to do a bit of layering.  Never be afraid to layer a few headsets or other accessories to get the look you want.  Small touches can really make an impact.  We all want to look stylish and badass when we’re taking those first few steps on alien soil!


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