Alien: Crossover

I’m on an alien kick lately so hopefully you all appreciate a good extraterrestrial now and again ^^  Aliens have always been my biggest fear.  There’s something about a hostile intelligent being that isn’t quite human but still seems familiar  that terrifies me.  I used to pull the blankets over my head as a child thinking that the thin fibers would serve as an impenetrable hideout during their midnight invasions.

Everything I’m wearing is mesh.  Everything. Well, that killer gun by Utilizator isn’t but I honestly consider that a prop more than anything else.  My body, outfit, head, and hair are all mesh though!

The mesh face is new and by the creator LOGO.  I have grown pretty fond of it!  It doesn’t look like my usual characters but I think that’s a good thing.  It’s nice to have a change of pace.  The face is sculpted into one shape but the creator gave a really detailed HUD that allows you to change eyeshadow, eye color, brow color, blush, eye lashes, nose shading/texture, and even facial expressions!  At the bottom of this entry you’ll see multiple snaps of the expressions side by side.  It’s exciting to have a sculpted lip with teeth showing that doesn’t look terrible from the side.  Love that!

The only issue I have with the mesh face is that when I’m taking photographs I like to up all of my graphics and max out everything.  I personally find that this face looks best without atmospheric shaders on.  Once I flip everything on the nose tends to look wider and the nostrils look a bit jagged.  I’ve tried tons of different windlight settings to attempt to get the best results.  If you do want to shoot using the mesh face, I find that “Places Astryls Wild” without atmospheric shaders on looks fantastic.  It has a bit of a retro cartoon vibe.  The face looks like an old school pin up babe and she’s stunning ^^  (The side-by-side expressions screenshots at the end of this post have atmospheric shaders turned off.)

The mesh body/outfit is a mesh avatar set by FlexE.  The option I’m using is the clothed avatar without the head.  That way I could use the mesh head by LOGO.  It also works with the standard SL avatar head.  While I am really, really happy with the quality of this piece, I am a little sad it didn’t come with a no head option on the nude version.  I bought the avatar in world so at first I thought I was maybe just missing the headless option.  I checked online, however, and the creator, hhefestos, explains in their marketplace listing that this is because there is no way to custom match the body to the avatar’s head, but I would have loved to give it a try.  It’s one of my dreams to have a fabulous mesh body to use with my usual avatar head (or even a fabulous mesh one).  Nevertheless, I am very pleased with both my FlexE purchase and my purchase from LOGO.  It’s so exciting to see new mesh creations from talented designers and creators!

*Another photo, a video, and the style card are just beyond the cut:

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New Horizons

Mission Horizon!  A lot of stuff is changing in my life lately!  I’m now living and working in Los Angeles, CA and WOW, it’s awesome!  The weather here is incredible, and being from Ohio, I’m stoked about being able to see the ocean whenever I’d like.  I used to dream about the ocean as a young girl.  When I’d think about my ideal home it was always right there on a sandy beach, the cool breeze coming in over the crashing waves.  Of course, living on some distant, exotic planet was always in my mind too!  How awesome would that be?  Well, I guess “awesome” would depend on the planet.  It would be awful to just be dropped into a world without oxygen!

You’d probably need some pretty sweet gear if you were tossed onto a foreign planet.  After all, intergalactic travel and the threat of war both call for a bit of added protection.  You’d probably want to wear something like this awesome rigged mesh armor by Xeno.  I absolutely love this piece.  It has such great texture and the limbs move extremely well.  There isn’t any severe stretch or even a rough edge.  This is a top quality product that is sure to keep you safe when you’re roaming about uncharted lands.  Plus, the legs on this piece are amazing.  Such a creative design!

It doesn’t come with the headpiece, and if you want something like mine, you’ll need to do a bit of layering.  Never be afraid to layer a few headsets or other accessories to get the look you want.  Small touches can really make an impact.  We all want to look stylish and badass when we’re taking those first few steps on alien soil!


*Style Card Behind the Cut

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Alternative Realities

I’ve been in an alternative avatar sort of mood lately!  There are so many awesome avatars we can become in SL and it seems like a shame to not show you one now and again.  This particular avatar is called the Android GlaDOS AVATAR and I received it as a group gift from the brand [PIXELS] (paid membership required).

The full AV does come with an entire outfit that is very cute, but I wanted to customize mine a bit.  I dressed mine in this awesome cyber outfit by sYs.  This brand has some of my favorite sci fi themed outfits and accessories.  It’s worth a look for any fan of futuristic fashion!

As for the boots, they’re by Slink and I absolutely adore them!  They have such a great shape and add a sexy vibe to any outfit I wear them with.


*Style Card Behind the Cut

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Believing in Magic

For the past twelve or so hours I have been going crazy over these adorable, mesh, petite avatars by Fallen Gods Inc (see images below).  They are absolutely fantastic and everything I would want in a mini avatar that is realistically proportioned and well textured!  I loved them so much, in fact, that two of my best friends and I got together to tell the tale of a wandering girl who finds two very unexpected prisoners while out in the forest ^^

…But I’ll let the pictures tell you the story.  I’ll use my words to tell you about the avatars themselves!  First off, they’re quite tiny as you can see in the images.  Cora used her full size avatar so we could have a size comparison that was visually interesting.  Cora is about average in height for an SL female.  When Mhyja and I first picked up our avatars (thanks for the gift, Mhyj!) we weren’t sure if many things in our inventory would fit.  At $L1,500 per avatar set some people may get a little nervous.  After all, we want an avatar that we can customize.  Well, I have GREAT news!  You can indeed use many of the items in your inventory just so long as they can be modified and sized down.

If you’re obsessed with hair (Mhyja and I both are) you’ll probably want something custom on your little characters.  Mhyja and I both found different brands that seem to be working for us.  I used a beautiful style from booN that I tinted to two different colors (buy platinum and then go color crazy) and Mhyja decided upon a sexy style by Exile.  If you’re not in the mood to resize anything, Wasabi Pills did team up with Fallen Gods Inc to make an adorable mesh mini style that fits your petite right out of the box. It’s priced very reasonably.  Mhyja and I both picked it up and it is indeed very cute.

If you get one of these little avatars, start looking for prim attachments in your inventory.  I used this sexy flower bikini by Severed Garden.  The avatars come with both PG and anatomically correct bodies so you can just use the PG version, like I did, if you want to hide your naughty bits.  Speaking of which, the black bodysuit Mhyja is wearing is by Fallen Gods Inc and comes with the Petite Dracos set.  On my computer, the bodysuit vanished when I had my graphics on ultra with shadows.  It may just be me but I’m giving you a heads up in case you run into it too.  If you do, just take two identical images of your avatar, one with shadows on and one off.  Layer the images in Photoshop and then you can just use a layer mask or simple selection and cut to remedy the issue.  There may be a way to fix it in the viewer too but I’m not sure (Phoenix Firestorm).  If you know a way, please leave me a comment.  I love to hear tips ^^

A note on wings: both Mhyja and I aren’t using the wings that came with our avatars.  The wings that are included in the petites packs are beautiful but Mhyja wanted to use her custom demon attire that she’s been building for BunnyStar and I’ve been dying to use these JOMO wings ever since I bought them a couple months ago.  It’s amazing how much you can customize these little ladies!    We even added prim eyes and eyelashes!

If you’re thinking about purchasing a set, I recommend it for sure!  I already own both the Crystals pack and the Elves pack.  They’re a great addition to any SL avatar lover’s collection and a creative challenge for any fashionista.  Go out there and live big in a tiny package! ^^

*Style info is found after the cut.

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