Ascending towards the Light

I have a few big sets built and ready to roll, but for some reason I didn’t feel like shooting anything style related tonight.  So that means we’re going exploring! ^^  I found this gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous art exhibit to photograph called “THE TOWER” by Rebeca Bashly.  From what I gather, the exhibit shows fears and phobias in a metaphorical, surreal manner.  As I first journeyed through the exhibit, I kept my windlight setting pretty basic, dark, and dull.  The exhibit really made me reflect on my past and some of the darker moments that I and those people whom I love have faced.  It was rather impactful.

But it made me long for a silver lining.  I’m tired of so many sad endings, lost second chances, and endless regrets.  I know so many people who live carrying baggage that they should really just leave beside the winding road.  Honestly, I’m carrying a few things I should toss to the roadside as well.

Altering the windlight settings for the exhibit really gave it a new meaning for me.  What I had seen before as dark and foreboding, now looked hopeful.  Each of Rebeca’s characters took on a new life in my eyes and I was able to see their fears and anxieties as something they would escape…something they would each overcome.

We all have struggles and hardships in our lives that can weigh us down in darkness.  It’s sometimes easier to think that surrendering is our best chance at anything even reminiscent of peace. That’s not how it has to be though.  If we just take a step back, tweak our windlight settings, and open our minds, we all have the ability to see that glow, no matter how faint it may be, piercing through a bit of the darkness that surrounds us.  Follow it, and both you and the glow will grow stronger.

Who knows? After a while, maybe we’ll even be able to smile in that darkness because we know the light is still there waiting.  We just have to find the courage to make the ascent.


Take a Taxi to “THE TOWER”


Sim Sunday: Mysterious Wave

It's an eerie sim but beautiful!

Mysterious Wave is an eerie, circus-inspired sim that has a great vibe about it.  Windlight settings really help to improve the mood, and many SL photographers have noticed that.  I see fabulous photos on blogs and on Koinup that are shot in the sim and I’ve even shot there myself.  It’s a great place to explore your creative urges.

The elephant is so adorable! If only he could roam freely.

Throughout the sim you can find sculpted animals, hot air balloons, and circus performers.  The performers are all very interesting.  I find that they serve well as background characters in your fashion images.  If you use DOF they blur out to a point where it’s not noticeable they’re statues instead of actual avatars.

Looks like there's magic in this land!

The unicorn above is really awesome.  She has a pose menu so your avatar can interact with her.  The unicorn’s poses change as well.  It’s really fun for images!

Buy some awesome art for your home!

Inside the large circus tent you’ll find artwork by a couple different artists, Ling Serenity and Cadel Aboubak.  Ling Serenity creates these really cute alien-esque pieces like the ones pictured above.  I think they’re really interesting and lovely.  They have a beautiful dreamlike quality, much like the entire Mysterious Wave sim.

Don't cross the circus performers! They have ways to punish you o_O

If you’re into circus-inspired themes or if you’re just looking for a great place to shoot your next SL images, I recommend Mysterious Wave.  I hope you have a great time exploring!


Sim Name: Mysterious Wave

Sim SLurl:

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Sim Sunday: Tiny Life

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"A land built from childhood imagination."

Tiny Life is one of the first sims I was shown when I started playing SL in March 2011.  To this day, it’s still one of my favorites.  It’s an adorable world where the oversized and the teeny tiny collide.

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"Where large and small are side by side."

I really like cute things, especially animals.  Tiny Life has so many adorable, tiny avatars you can purchase.  Plus, the sim itself is full of big structures that are just as cute as the things you buy in each shop.

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"And things are like an adorable storybook."

It’s like a little wonderland of innocence that, in my travels, both women and men have seemed to appreciate.

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"Have lunch with a whale and then hop over and fly on a paper airplane."

It’s also the place Mhyja Questi of BunnyStar asked me to shoot the promo picture for her new Crazy Bunny Full Avatar.  It’s a really great product, and I’m not saying that from a biased point of view.  Yes, she is my best friend but I believe in the stuff she creates and I think she has a lot of skill both in sculpting and in texturing.  I’d recommend her products just like I’d recommend the other artists I feature on this blog.  I’m incredibly proud of her.

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"Even if you're an adult, you can always be a kid inside your heart."

Tiny Life SLurl:


You can purchase the BunnyStar Crazy Bunny Full Avatar in-world or on the SL Marketplace.

Sim Sunday: Voc Linda

Voc Linda I

Brave the beast and buy some goodies.

It’s Sim Sunday, a day each week when I’m going to attempt to bring you what I consider to be the best sims in SL.  Today, we’ll be journeying into Voc Linda, an imaginative and beautiful sim with a great fantasy feel and gorgeous Japanese touches.

Voc Linda II

Enter the gates to a beautiful imagination.

With me for the journey, I took my best friend Mhyja Questi…and her giant crane.  As you’ll see by the photos a little later, she was decked out in style and ready for the travels.

Voc Linda III

Beware of tricksters! (Even adorable ones.)

For these photos, I used a windlight setting that Mhyja gave me a while back.  She calls it “PurplyPoo” and the fresh fuchsia tones come in handy in a lot of sims I visit.  Voc Linda seems to suit the settings best, however.  This place is fabulous in purple!

Voc Linda IV

Mhyja rides her crane with grace and style!

And here’s Mhyja with her crane!  When I saw this giant birdcage in the sim I knew I had to have her and her buddy pose by it.  They look so fabulous there!  If I didn’t know any better, I would think they belonged in the sim.

Voc Linda V

Looks like there are noms to be had here!

Mhyja was nice enough to wear her kimono and to allow me to take pictures.  Voc Linda is a great place for SL imagery.  There are places I didn’t get to photograph in the sim that are equally as lovely.  If you like SL photography, you should really take a trip over there and enjoy the scenery first hand.

Voc Linda VI

A close up of a rare beauty who I absolutely love.

If you’re up for an exciting and beautiful journey, Voc Linda is the place to be.  If you have some time, head on over, do a bit of shopping, and take a stroll through a beautiful dreamland.  And be sure to use your advanced sky settings!  You’ll be happy you did.  Voc Linda truly is a beautiful paradise.

Sim: Voc Linda


**Are the photos too small to see?  Clicking on any of the images brings up my Flickr page where you can view various sizes.


Mhyja’s Style Card: Crane Goddess

Kimono/Hair/Accessories/Shoes: Bare Rose Tokyo: Blown a Wish

Skin/Eyes: BunnyStar: Eve Skin Pack