Petite Avatars in Action

I’m pretty much in love with my petite avatar by Fallen Gods Inc.  I received a couple of questions about how it moves so I put together this little video to demonstrate.  I’m still learning how to use Camtasia Studio so the video is a bit shaky at times, but I hope it is useful in showing you the similarities between my Petite avatar and Cora’s full-sized avatar beside me.


*Style Card Behind the Cut

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Into the Depths – Second Life Mesh

For a little over a month, the SL grid has been buzzing about all of the new mesh products that have been and are going to be released.  Recently, I purchased the Wasabi Pills “Aria” mesh hair but was still waiting on a mesh outfit to catch my eye before blogging.  That’s where the Violent Seduction outfit called “La Morte Elf” comes into play, and since I’ve recently taken up video creation in SL, I can even demonstrate the outfit in action as seen in the video above.

"In dreams you can be anything."

The hair is actually one of my favorite things in my inventory now.  It’s great to have something that actually moves with your body as your avatar bends through various poses.  I can’t say that I’d totally give up sculpted flexi hair, but I will say that it’s a nice addition to an avatar’s closet.

"Live out your life as a warrior or a queen."

As for mesh clothing, I like it but it isn’t something I’m too crazy about yet.  I love the detail that my sculpted prim attachments have, which is something mesh currently lacks.  I was just pointed in the direction of a different mesh designer today so I’ll have to check their stuff out.  Hucci is the name of the company and I hear their pieces include ruffles and the like, which I find exciting.  Violent Seduction also has a lolita style dress that has ruffles.  I demoed it and it was really cute but not something I’m currently looking for.  I do recommend that you go try out their demos, however.  Doesn’t hurt to window shop a bit ^^

"Command the world with the turn of a narrow, index finger,"

Mesh clothing has predetermined sizes so you may need to tweak your body shape a bit.  I had no problems with my avatar but this particular shape is pretty rail thin.  I’m not sure if I’ll have any problems with my curvier shapes.

"and watch each command stitch together at the seems."

Mesh hair may not fit your avatar exactly either.  Make sure you try out demos before you buy because the hair may not fit your avatar.  If it doesn’t fit, either resize your head or don’t purchase the hairstyle.  You can’t resize mesh that is on your avatar’s body via the “edit” menu like you would a sculpty.

"There's nothing out of your reach."

I can’t wait to experience what many of SL’s creative minds will come up with next.  Mesh will continue to get better over time and I’m sure the journey will be exciting!


Style Card: Into the Depths

Outfit: Violent Seduction: La Morte Elf  (MESH outfit)

Necklace: Mandala: Pearl Rain

Bracelet: Mandala: Pearl Rain

Tiara: Panda Express: Coral Tiara (Modified Texture and Color)

Facial Piercings: Glue Ink: Face Piercing (Free Gift)

Staff: Tekeli-li!: Nautilus Staff (Modified Glow Color)

Hair: Wasabi Pills: Aria in Jellyfish  (MESH outfit)

Skin: Glam Affair: Amelie skin – Contessa

Lipgloss: Pink Fuel: Elly – Sugar – Doll Gloss – Purple

Eyeshadow: Damned: CatEyes Makeup

Eyes: Pulse: Avanti Eyes in Monet

Ears: Schadenfreude: Mer-Elf Ears

Digital Groove

I finally created my very first video the other day, Second Life or otherwise!  It was a really fun experience and I had a gorgeous model.  Quess is such a doll and she took direction really well within the set.  Her bodysuit is by Pixeldolls, hair is by Truth, and all of those flashy accessories are by BunnyStar Productions (as well as her lovely skin).

It’s my hope to incorporate video into StyleOven so that readers can see some of the wardrobe items in action.  Also, I’m looking forward to creating machinima with original scripts, especially since I’ve found a new love for mixing audio tracks.  That had to be some of the most fun I’ve had in a long time!

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