Hard Candy

While shopping at Soup today with my friend Cora, I decided to snap a few shots of my outfit just outside.  The Soup mainstore has this great, little town around it that has a grungy, underbelly sort of feel.  I’m a big fan of the different sims that use a lot of glow and bright signs.  I originally come from a small town in Kentucky so I wasn’t exposed to anything majorly urbanized until I was about 18.

The awesome wrap jacket and great guitar case I’m carrying are by SEY.  The guitar case has a lot of great holds that are built in and menu driven. They don’t clash with your AO because I assume they’re on priority 4.  Plus, the case is texture change so you can use it with different outfits.  I love when designers make items flexible.

That’s Cora up there the in background.  I really appreciate the fact that she put up with me while I snapped these.  Haha!  Shopping is a great way to bond with the ladies you meet here on SL and there are so many fabulous fashionistas.  With that in mind, check out these great blogs: Token Chic, OhMyOhmai, and Nana Minuet.  I’m not affiliated with the ladies nor do I even know them at all.  I just appreciate their contributions ^^  Have a great week everyone!


Style Card: Hard Candy

Dress: Retro: 050

Jacket: SEY: Maki2 Zip Up – Zebra

Garter Socks: Epic: Basic Black Garter Socks

Gloves: Glue Ink: Ree Gloves in Pink

Shoes: Tea Time: Pump Platform – Cartoon

Guitar Case: SEY: Guitar Bag B

Glasses: Epic: Kyoot Nerdy Glasses! in Black (gacha grab)

Gauges: Gauged: Triple Set (heavily modified)

Facial Piercings: Blah: Rotund – Piercings/Plugs (modified to remove plugs)

Cigarette: TikotiN: Cigarette in Pink

Hair: Action: Donna 2 in Bleached

Leg Tattoo: Para Designs: Cupcake Madness

Arm Tattoo: Para Designs: Sugar Rush (Medium and Dark Layers Both Worn)

Skin: Pink Fuel: Ember – Ganguro

Eyelash Tattoo: Amacci: Eyelash Tattoos

Eyeliner: Action: Cosmetic Liners – Smokey

Eyes: Redgrave: Python

Nail Tattoo: The Little Bat: Black Nails


Summer Days Driftin’ Away

Oh all those summer days are indeed drifting away!  We just had our first sighting of snow here in this part of the country and it’s pretty chilly.  All of that cold weather makes me crave the warm beaches and sunny skies down south.  ::sigh::  I guess I’ll just have to wait a while to experience the beach in the real world.  Lucky for all of us, we can be in a tropical paradise anytime we want in Second Life!

Speaking of having anything you want, I bought this Ganguro skin from Pink Fuel and it’s becoming my regular.  For me, a very pale girl IRL, being tan in SL is exciting!  I can’t seem to tan at all in my fleshy, mortal form so it’s neat to see how makeup and hair look on my Barbie bombshell in-world.  Maybe I’ll try creating a men’s wear post here soon that features my very own take on the Ken Doll.  Hehe ^^

I hope that, wherever you are, you’re all staying warm and enjoying your day (or evening)!  I’ll see you all again soon.  Until then, happy shopping and happy second living XD

(I’d like to thank the writer, Hamlet Au, over at New World Notes for the sweet post about my blog.  It made me blush and I really do appreciate it!  You have a really kick ass blog and I hope everyone visits it.  It’s becoming a regular read for me ^^)


Style Card: Summer Days

Bikini: Fotzi Latzo: Pink Leopard Bikini

Bracelet: LOULOU&CO: Amore Mia in white

Facial Piercings: Blah: Rotund – Piercings/Plugs (modified to remove plugs)

Belly Piercing: LOULOU&CO: APSARA

Hair: Action: Isabella in Bleached

Feet: Maitreya: Bare Feet Tip-Toe (dragonfly anklets are included)

Eyelash Tattoo: Amacci: Eyelash Tattoos

Eyeliner: Action: Cosmetic Liners – Smokey

Eyes: Redgrave: Cloudy

Skin: Pink Fuel: Ember – Ganguro

Tattoos: Para Designs: Fairy Tales (Medium and Dark Layers Both Worn)

Nails: Sexy Mamas: Manicure – Sculpted Prim Nails


Poses: Exposeur: SLuicide Girls (group gift)

Location: Cafe Adrastea

Men’s Fashion: Blowing off Some City Steam

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"I knew a man."

Who’s that handsome fella?  Oh wait!  That’s me!  Yeah, if you ever bump into me in-world, there’s a chance I’ll look like this young gentleman.  He’s not really an alt.  I guess I’m too lazy to have one of those.  Instead, this guy, whom I’ve affectionately named “Kevin,” is just an addition to my inventory, the inventory of someone who is usually a woman.

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"A man who spent a lifetime wondering where he fit in."

I guess I just can’t help but have a male shape lying around in there.  Men’s fashions are just as fun as women’s.  Sadly, however, it’s hard to find great men’s wear in Second Life.  I really feel like the guys are being neglected a bit so I’ll do my best to blog about quality men’s items whenever I get the chance.

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"He got into trouble wherever he went."

And weapons!  If you read my blog, you know that I like a great weapon or two (or twenty).  For Kevin, I decided to go with the pistol from the Steampunk Pirate Masters Collection by Steam Powered Nuts.  I just got it today so I haven’t been able to try out the weapon’s features yet, but I can say it looks great. I did edit it by setting the shine setting from “low” to “none” for these images.  I’ll try to give updates on how it handles in the future.

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"And if he tried to stay away, well, trouble would just find him."

As for wardrobe, I stumbled upon a great store called Mr. Poet one day in SL.  I really like the textures that the creator uses.  You can tell they put a lot of thought into their designs and I appreciate that.  I’m sure I’ll be posting more from this designer in the future

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"Yeah, I knew a man. I knew him once and then never again."

If you know of any great men’s clothing stores, please let me know either through a comment here on the blog or through an IM in-world.  I’d love to showcase more men’s wear designers in the future.  There’s nothing wrong with looking your best, no matter what your gender or sex may be!


Style Card: City Steam

Jacket/Shirt Combo: Mr. Poet: Peacoat and Pleated Shirt-Vest Set in Black

Pants: Mr. Poet: Leather Woven Pants Black

Shoes: Redgrave: Aviator Loafers in Black

Weapon: Steam Powered Nuts: Pistol: Steampunk Pirate Masters Collection

Goggles: Bytegang Worlds: Kimiko Air Pilot Goggles

Hair: Drot: Josh: Smoke

Skin: Redgrave: Emil: Pale Skin: 2 Day Beard

Eyes: Redgrave: Granit

Lip Ring: ROZOREGALIA: Nornir: Lip Pierce 1

Ring: Design Extreme: Silver Inlaid Ring 1

Ear Gauges: I made them.  If you want a pair, just send me, “GasOven,” an IM in-world and I’ll gladly give you the set for free. They’d work on women, too.