Men’s Fashion: Blowing off Some City Steam

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"I knew a man."

Who’s that handsome fella?  Oh wait!  That’s me!  Yeah, if you ever bump into me in-world, there’s a chance I’ll look like this young gentleman.  He’s not really an alt.  I guess I’m too lazy to have one of those.  Instead, this guy, whom I’ve affectionately named “Kevin,” is just an addition to my inventory, the inventory of someone who is usually a woman.

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"A man who spent a lifetime wondering where he fit in."

I guess I just can’t help but have a male shape lying around in there.  Men’s fashions are just as fun as women’s.  Sadly, however, it’s hard to find great men’s wear in Second Life.  I really feel like the guys are being neglected a bit so I’ll do my best to blog about quality men’s items whenever I get the chance.

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"He got into trouble wherever he went."

And weapons!  If you read my blog, you know that I like a great weapon or two (or twenty).  For Kevin, I decided to go with the pistol from the Steampunk Pirate Masters Collection by Steam Powered Nuts.  I just got it today so I haven’t been able to try out the weapon’s features yet, but I can say it looks great. I did edit it by setting the shine setting from “low” to “none” for these images.  I’ll try to give updates on how it handles in the future.

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"And if he tried to stay away, well, trouble would just find him."

As for wardrobe, I stumbled upon a great store called Mr. Poet one day in SL.  I really like the textures that the creator uses.  You can tell they put a lot of thought into their designs and I appreciate that.  I’m sure I’ll be posting more from this designer in the future

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"Yeah, I knew a man. I knew him once and then never again."

If you know of any great men’s clothing stores, please let me know either through a comment here on the blog or through an IM in-world.  I’d love to showcase more men’s wear designers in the future.  There’s nothing wrong with looking your best, no matter what your gender or sex may be!


Style Card: City Steam

Jacket/Shirt Combo: Mr. Poet: Peacoat and Pleated Shirt-Vest Set in Black

Pants: Mr. Poet: Leather Woven Pants Black

Shoes: Redgrave: Aviator Loafers in Black

Weapon: Steam Powered Nuts: Pistol: Steampunk Pirate Masters Collection

Goggles: Bytegang Worlds: Kimiko Air Pilot Goggles

Hair: Drot: Josh: Smoke

Skin: Redgrave: Emil: Pale Skin: 2 Day Beard

Eyes: Redgrave: Granit

Lip Ring: ROZOREGALIA: Nornir: Lip Pierce 1

Ring: Design Extreme: Silver Inlaid Ring 1

Ear Gauges: I made them.  If you want a pair, just send me, “GasOven,” an IM in-world and I’ll gladly give you the set for free. They’d work on women, too.


Circus of Chaos

Circus of Chaos

"Running away isn't all it's cracked up to be."

I’ve been a happy panda lately, but most of the characters I’ve been putting together have been a bit on the evil side.  Honestly, though, the villain is often the most enjoyable character to play.  Back in the early 2000s, I played a couple of well-known meanies in high school plays (oh no!  I’m putting a date on myself!)  Out of all the characters I’ve played, I’d have to say the White Witch of Narnia and The Wicked Witch of the West (typecast much?) were the two most enjoyable.  IRL, I get sad if I even squash a bug.  In the world of fantasy and game, there aren’t any limits to the evil a person can conjure up.

Circus of Chaos

"You may make some new friends along the way..."

Villains, or the “misunderstood”, need great weapons, too.  I love guns, swords, and HUDs, but sometimes, you need a unique weapon suitable for the wardrobe.  That’s where the “Uholy Cards” by Malice’s Bad Day come in.    These bad boys can damage, cage, push, and more.  Then, when you’re done inflicting carnival chaos, you can use local chat to sling your cards.  They strap right to your arm and are ready for the next loner that has the misfortune of stumbling your way.

Carnival of Chaos

"...but no one ever said they'd be easily met."

As for wardrobe, I liked two carnival/clown/circus style outfits that I found.  Two.  That was the problem.  So I did what any shopaholic would do and bought both of them.  Then, I went back to my evil closet of doom and wore pieces from both!  Mua!  Mua hahaha ::cough:: hua…hua ::cough::

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"You'll need to learn that tricks aren't always smoke and mirrors."

The two carnival outfits are by [bubble] and [Play>].  While I really liked both, I feel like they’re even better when combined.  Two great designers combining so harmoniously is a win if you ask me.

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"The illusion may have been that home was the real burden."

Whatever character you play or outfit you put together, make it your own.  Individuality is a great thing and creativity is something that should be explored, especially in Second Life.  You can be anything you want to be.  Make sure it’s something you’re proud of.


Style Card: Circus of Chaos

Corset/Hat/Cuffs/Red Stockings/Neckpiece: [bubble]: Cabaret Clown Outfit

Dress: [Play>]: The Carnie

Black Stockings: !K&L!: Black Garter

Boots: Bytegang Worlds: Kimiko: Victorian High Heels w/Warmers (I tinted parts.)

Hair: Magika: Poof

Skin: Pink Fuel: Skye – Milk – Cruel Secrets

Makeup: BunnyStar: 10×10 Night Pack (eyes=gold; lips=blood)

Nails: Sexy Mamas: Manicure – Sculpted Prim Nails

Weapon: Malice’s Bad Day: Unholy Cards

Forgotten Punk

Steampunk I

"Forgotten City...Forgotten Punk"

The Forgotten City is up there on my top 10 list for favorite sims.  Up until just recently, I never really ran into anyone while I was lurking around.  That always shocked me because the sim is absolutely gorgeous and you can tell that the creator put in a lot of time and effort.

It’s a steampunk paradise, and because of that, it needs a wardrobe to match.  That’s where this little number comes in.  Aside from the last two images in this post, these shots were taken in late May.  Since then, there have been a few new additions and some changes to the Forgotten City sim but this outfit hasn’t had any.

Steampunk II

"Bravery will determine your survival."

There’s several reasons for that.  For one, I’m in love with several of the key pieces.  The dress is by Rotten Toe and it’s both gorgeous and intricate.  The subtle glow effect on the full skirt adds a great effect, especially when you’re playing around with windlight settings to add fog and darkness.  I did, however, layer both skirt options (mod and resize) that the designer includes in order to get even more fullness.  Alone or doubled up, the piece looks great, though.  Not to mention the blood splatter all over the dress adds a lot of character.

Steampunk III

"Lost in time, you're vulnerable even if you feel protected."

The bow attachment to the dress didn’t really fit with my steampunk theme since it has this rad little sculpted human heart attached.  The sculpted bow was something I wanted to use, however, so I modified the piece by pushing the heart back into my torso and out of sight.  I love garment pieces that you can play around with.  I do the same in real life to get the sort of look I want for shoots (although, I probably can’t be pushing things into models’ torsos without them getting a tad upset).  The heart attachment is really cool though.  Just be aware that if you choose to buy the dress it won’t look exactly like the one I show here.

Steampunk IV

"Shadows keep you safe. Now, even the sunrise has a fear all its own."

The corset and the stockings I added are both by !K&L!.  I’m really liking the ripped stocking look lately, and these thigh highs look pretty tight.  It’s a great way to glam up a harder look.  I don’t think there’s anything wrong with looking glamorous while you’re kicking some ass!

Steampunk V

"Make sure you know where you're walking, especially if you've made enemies."

And then there’s one of my favorite parts!  SHOES!  I am so thrilled with these boots by Bytegang Worlds.  I had to have them, and even though I’ve read reviews that claim they’re difficult to size, they fit my avatar wonderfully.  Not to mention, the textures are gorgeous and the small details make these boots one of the best additions to my collection I’ve ever made.

Steampunk VI

"Grow. Learn. Survive...or pass like the time that binds you now."

Accessories are just as important as the dress or pants suit you’re wearing, and this styling makes no exception.  I added the goggles and the awesome collar from Bytegang Worlds as well.  The quality is great and the hard look of the pieces, in my opinion, compliments the softer lace and ruffles of the dress.

Steampunk really is a great style to play around with and I hope a lot of you get involved with it as well.  Fashion is about letting your imagination run wild, no matter where or in what time it may take you.


Style Card: Forgotten Punk

Dress: Rotten Toe: Zombie Bloom

Corset: !K&L!: Part of the Corset Kitty pack. (Bonus Corset)

Stockings: !K&L!: Ripped Black Garter

Arm Warmers: Epic:  2.0 Arm Warmer Slouchies (Includes Color HUD)

Collar: Bytegang Worlds: Kimiko: Steampunk/Victorian Choker

Goggles: Bytegang Worlds: Kimiko Air Pilot Goggles

Shoes: Bytegang Worlds: Kimiko: Victorian High Heels w/Warmers

Hair: Truth: Tilly in Crow (Streaked)

Skin: Redgrave: Leona

Makeup: BunnyStar: 10×10 Night Pack (smokey)

Tattoo: Para Designs: SyKaDeliK (Black/Medium)

Nails: Sexy Mamas: Manicure – Sculpted Prim Nails