Petite Avatars in Action

I’m pretty much in love with my petite avatar by Fallen Gods Inc.  I received a couple of questions about how it moves so I put together this little video to demonstrate.  I’m still learning how to use Camtasia Studio so the video is a bit shaky at times, but I hope it is useful in showing you the similarities between my Petite avatar and Cora’s full-sized avatar beside me.


*Style Card Behind the Cut

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Meet Me Half Way

Isn’t Second Life beautiful?  With the right windlight settings, water settings, and shadow setup you can look upon a world that is gorgeous and just flooded with imagination.  When it comes to images, I really love seeing what I can do with the tools Second Life provides us.  I also have a lover on the side, however, and his name is Photoshop.  Luckily, the two really seem to like one another, and in this case, three is great company.

The reason why I bring that up is because these images have a bit of shop in order to highlight the beauty of the Lost World and the attire I’m wearing.  I did use a tiny bit of blur, some dodge and burn, and a smidgen of liquify.  For the most part, however, these images are how I see Second Life on my computer screen.  In my opinion, this dress looks just as pretty when I’m just walking around and enjoying the view.

Just like how Photoshop comes in and lends a helping hand to an SL screenshot here and there, I’ve met many people in SL who help me on a daily basis with their words, actions, and creations.  It’s December 1st and that means one of my favorite holidays, Christmas, is just around the corner.  I’m about to go crazy for twinkling lights, cocoa, and cozy nights by the fire.  This time of year really knows how to put me in a great mood and also makes me reflect on how generous and caring many of the people I surround myself with truly are.

We go through our lives, both first and second, surrounded by people, things, and an environment that we hopefully choose for the better.  If you’re in a place where things don’t seem so beautiful, keep your chin up.  There’s an entire world of beauty out there and if you set your mind to it, you can be a part of it too.  There are places that are so gorgeous they stop your breath, people who are so kind even cold hearts could melt, and experiences so memorable that for a moment you realize just how lucky you are to be living and seemingly suspended in that moment.

Whoever you are and wherever you are, I hope you’re in a happy place.  Dream big and smile as much as possible.  Look around you and see all the beauty.  It’s there.  If you look hard enough, even in your darkest hour, you’ll find it everywhere.


Style Card: Meet Me Half Way

Dress: Chrysalis: Heartbreak

Gloves: Nadia: Long Leather Gloves

Necklace: Mandala: Milky Way 2 Necklace – Polly White

Bracelets: Mandala: Milky Way Bangles – White

Skin: Epic: Greta – Mocha

Eyes: Pulse: Frost

Eyelashes: Redgrave: Extra Long

Hair: booN: ANT213 hair – Platinum


Location: Lost World

Poses: Glitterati and Frozen Panty (can no longer locate store in-world)

Windlight Setting: [TOR] Horror – Darktales

Men’s Fashion: A Gentleman and Scoundrel

"I've heard that he used grapes."

Well, we can’t forget about the gentlemen readers, now can we? My avatar is back, and once again, as a man.  This time I actually got hit on by a girl as I was shopping in GRASP.  It’s weird having to explain you’re just a woman who is dressed as a man.  LMAO!

"Leading them by their fragile palms,"

I built this outfit up around this stylish coat by Indigo Eclectic.  It has beautiful shading and shape.   Plus, right now the creator is selling this handsome winter essential for a mere L$89 over at GoQuest Plaza.  He has a kiosk on the boardwalk.  If you hear Mr. Quest, the cute little dolphin that lives in the waters nearby, you’re heading in the right direction. *giggles*

"through a maze of cobwebs and shadows."

I’ve featured the hat here on StyleOven before but it’s so awesome it had to make another appearance.  This is the “Steam Top Hat” by BunnyStar.  It’s animated with spinning cogs and has steam particle effects.  Very awesome!  The hat, if you buy it, is for women, though.  It has a large bow on the back and some decoration on the sides.  Since the hat is able to be modified, however, I just took those elements off.

If you want to remove something from a modify object, such as this hat, all you do is go to a public sandbox, make a copy of the object you want to modify, rez that object on the ground, figure out what the parent prim is (highlighted in yellow), click “unlink” on your editing menu, select each element you wish to delete, and then press the delete key on your keyboard.  Now, you just relink the object by selecting all of the prims again and then pushing the “link” button located on your editing menu.  The last element you select should be the parent prim that you identified earlier.  Now, you can take the object back into your inventory and wear it.  It’s customized!  Just make sure that you did indeed copy the object before trying to modify it.  Designers aren’t responsible if you make a mistake during the modification process. (If you have any problems or questions, feel free to IM me in world.  I’d be happy to help.)

"I bet he enjoyed his profession well."

I’ll try to find some more great men’s wear as I’m traveling about.  I really do feel bad for male players on SL because their options are much more limited when it comes to styling.  I do recommend to male readers that if you feel comfortable doing it, try wearing women’s hair and accessories as well.  You can find very masculine looking options that will look great on your avatar despite the fact they were designed with female avatars in mind.  For example, the hair my avatar is wearing now was created for women but it looks charming on my male persona.  If you want long hair, just keep away from styles with bangs.  Long, straight locks are best and a center part looks a bit more masculine.  Just try on a lot of demos, and in time, you’ll find the one that suits your character best.  (BTW, there’s a style at Lamb called “Heart” that doesn’t look bad on men either.)

"One less is considered more depending on who tells the tale."

Until I’m a man again, I hope all of you male readers have great luck in finding awesome men’s fashions in SL!  I’ll do my best to bring you more finds!


Style Card: A Gentleman and Scoundrel

Coat: Indigo Eclectic: Castor Pea Coat in Charcoal

Pants: COCO: Homme Slim Fit Pants in Black

Hat: BunnyStar: The Dreamer Steam Top Hat (Modified)

Boots: The Abyss: M_Latex_Boots

Scarf: Adjunct: Neckerchief – Large Checks

Gloves: 1st Act: Salute Gloves in Storm

Blindfold: Epic: Mod Blindfold

Lip Piercing: ROZOREGALIA: Nornir: Lip Pierce 1

Sword: Azora: Velde’s Quick Silver Rapier

Cane: Adjunct: Gentleman’s Walking Stick

Cigarette: TikotiN: Cigarette in Black & Yellow

Hair: Anaphora: Amara in Jet

Skin: Egoisme: Chance – Medium – Bald

Rock Candy

"Let's go treasure hunting..."

A little neon rock candy would brighten anyone’s day!  It’s been a busy week for us over at GoQuest Plaza.  There’s a new expansion going on so we’re building almost all the time now.  It’s good to take breaks though and this blog is indeed my break.  Today, I have images of a super cute outfit all based around this awesome dress I got from The Sea Hole.  I really enjoy it because it’s a modest design with a little, flirty surprise.  I love how you can see through the sculpted skirt.  It adds a twist to the outfit that I really appreciate!

"...dig down deep."

My little owl bag by Undefined Lillies is one of my favorites in my ever-expanding purse collection.  I love how it’s customizable.  You just click on it and you can change the textures for the eyes, wings, and more.  The metal textures can even be changed to gold so that it suits your outfit better.  Such great flexibility in such a cute accessory!

"Find something worth while..."

One of my favorite jewelry designers in SL is .:MANNA:..  I absolutely adore all of the pieces available and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to buy them all.  These little earrings are so adorable.  They have tiny fruit inside a glass bulb.  I love when designers put so much detail into their work.  There are such talented people in Sl.  It’s wonderful!

"...something that's both sweet and a treat."

I own the new Elly Skin by Pink Fuel but for some reason Skye in “Scene” has been my favorite pick lately.  I tend to get obsessed with one skin for a while and it becomes the one I use almost exclusively.  When it comes to younger-looking skins, I always seem to go for Pink Fuel.  I just think her work is so pretty.

"You never know what you'll find. Some treasures seem good enough to eat."

As for shoes, I’ve been buying G Field lately.  It’s not a new brand from what I understand but it’s new to me.  I love these bow strap shoes.  They make me want to put a princess dress together and parade around some Renaissance sim, longing for my prince.  And as for those legwarmers, well the texture is just Epic >_o


Style Card: Rock Candy Cutie

Dress: The Sea Hole: Calliope Dress

Legwarmers: Epic: 2.0 Leg Warmer Slouchies (Tall)

Shoes: G Field: Bow Strap Shoes “Kate”

Purse: Undefined Lillies: Treasure Meets Hoot

Bracelets: My Avi: Pink Diamond Stud Leather Bangles

Ring: (YUMMY): Candy Ring – Pink

Earrings: .:MANNA:. Perle d’Ete Earring

Owl Broach in Hair: Undefined Lillies: Tackered Owl (purple/silver)

Hair: Elikatira: Garden – Black 05

Skin: Pink Fuel: Skye – Milk – Scene

Eyes: Redgrave: Cloudy

Lip Gloss: BunnyStar: 10×10 Day Pack – Bubblegum Pink

Nails: Sexy Mamas: Manicure – Sculpted Prim Nails