Alternative Realities

I’ve been in an alternative avatar sort of mood lately!  There are so many awesome avatars we can become in SL and it seems like a shame to not show you one now and again.  This particular avatar is called the Android GlaDOS AVATAR and I received it as a group gift from the brand [PIXELS] (paid membership required).

The full AV does come with an entire outfit that is very cute, but I wanted to customize mine a bit.  I dressed mine in this awesome cyber outfit by sYs.  This brand has some of my favorite sci fi themed outfits and accessories.  It’s worth a look for any fan of futuristic fashion!

As for the boots, they’re by Slink and I absolutely adore them!  They have such a great shape and add a sexy vibe to any outfit I wear them with.


*Style Card Behind the Cut

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Frozen Inside

Ever since I first saw this Hydrogen outfit from The Abyss I’ve been pining away for it from afar.  It’s like a long lost lover who fit my desires perfectly!  I absolutely, positively, freaking LOVE IT.  (Wow, I’m really starting to put things lightly nowadays.)  I didn’t buy it yet though because, like with most of my purchases, I window shop for a long while before finally biting the bullet and buying.  My best friend, Mhyja Questi, however knew that I wanted it and today I received it as an awesome and very sweet gift ^_^  Thank you my friend!

I really love the textures for the entire outfit.  The upper part is designed to look like a plated metal corset and it photographs beautifully.  These images have heavier Photoshop than my usual images but when it comes to clothing textures this is pretty much how Mars Absent and Saturn Alchemi created the piece.  I tried not to edit much on the clothing.  The outfit honestly doesn’t need editing.  The textures are of beautiful quality.

It doesn’t come with the outfit, but I slipped a corset alpha on as well.  I found that it really helped with many of the poses that kinda sink the metal corset into your body cavity.  It’s by no means a necessary addition but I did find that it helped with the entire process.

These shoes and excellent steampunk spectacles are also from The Abyss.  They’re sold right along side one another in the mainstore.  I often wonder if showing an outfit all created by one person is unfair to readers because I didn’t mix the pieces up enough.  As my good friend Mhyja pointed out, however, some things are just made for one another and there’s nothing wrong with that.  That’s how I feel about this outfit.  These pieces are so beautiful together it’s almost as though separating them separates a group of supporting lovers.  The pieces are so unique and yet each hold a commonality that bonds the elements like a soft yet confident poem.  I really applaud what the designers have created.

If you’re thinking about buying one or more of these pieces, I recommend it.  They’re lovely, strong, and unique.  It’s the sort of outfit that I look for as I’m traveling around the grid and I’m so happy that it’s lived up to all of my dreamy expectations.  Until next time, enjoy your first and second lives and try to stay warm and satisfied in all that surrounds you.  I wish you all an amazing night!


Style Card: Frozen Inside

Outfit: The Abyss: Hydrogen

Shoes: The Abyss: Hydrogen Ballet

Spectacles: The Abyss: Steampunk Metallic Spectacles

Earrings: BunnyStar: AQ Injected Earrings

Hair: booN: FWD217 hair in Platinum

Skin: Glam Affair: GiO Skin Black Snow

Nails: Mandala: Milky Way Nails


Poses: Di’s Opera and Frozen Panty

Location: Elonia

Windlight: [TOR] Sunrise: Deep Blue Sky 2