In the Right Light (NSFW Beyond the Cut)

Two of my best friends in SL, Coralizity and Mhyja Questi (the creative powerhouse behind BunnyStar), agreed to participate in a very sexy, themed shoot portraying Renaissance-inspired lovlies!  We had a blast and together we experimented with different windlight settings, calling them out over the telephone when we found something we liked.  What we experienced together was a fantastic journey though the many moods of Second Life lighting and how those windlight settings can really alter way your images are perceived.



(Style card information is also located beyond the cut.)

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Bedroom Burlesque (NSFW Beyond the Cut)



(Style card information is also located beyond the cut.)

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Snowbunny ^^

Ahhh!  January and February mean lots of snow in my part of the world!  That means I better bundle up and get cozy with a cup of cocoa before the chill hits and the roads get grim!  Snow comes with some perks, however, and one of those is absolute beauty!  I adore snow and when it first falls, everything is so beautiful and crisp.  You walk outside and the Earth feels new and clean.

My outfit today uses some of my favorite pieces from a few of my favorite winter fashion buys.  I instantly fell in love with this little bunny hood by BareRose Tokyo and had to create an outfit totally around it.  This was the final outcome and I’ve been so excited to wear it.  In fact, I’ve been wearing it as one of my main daily looks for about a month now ^^

As for the set, I based it off of this little igloo set by Append 01.  I moved a lot of it around, added my own touches like birds and mountains, and retextured it a bit.  If you do buy it, it won’t look exactly like in my images.  However, it is a really cute buy right out of the box and I do recommend it.  I created a snowgirl and dressed her in a scarf by Soup and Bunny Ears by Chelle.  Both items would look awesome on your avatar so don’t be shy about checking those products out either ^^


*Style Card Behind the Cut

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From My Second Home to Yours

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!  I hope you’re all well and having an incredible day surrounded by the people you love!


Style Card: Merry Christmas

Dress: Fishy Strawberry: Plisse Dress in Sugar (I tinted the belt to match my shoes)

Fishnets: Erratic: Thin Fishnets in White

Shoes: G Field: Strap Shoes “Alex” in Red

Necklace: League: Vintage Jewelry Set

Skin: Pink Fuel: Elly – Sugar – Angelic

Freckles: Mynerva: Hundreds of Thousands

Hair: Truth:Agnes 2 Streaked in Snow

Eyes: Muism: Musing Eyes in Chocolate


Location: My Second Life Home

Pose: Milty

Windlight: Midnight

Hot Cocoa Wishes

Winter is here and we’re all going to need nice coats and trimmings to keep us warm on those cold, Second Life days!  It’s been really great seeing so many sims changing over for the winter.  There’s something magical about walking in a virtual winter wonderland, snowflake emitters peppering your hair in white.  The sim where I shot these images, Petit Pas, doesn’t disappoint when it comes to snowy satisfaction.  I shot these images at the Sugar Pink Cafe, which is adorable but very, very closed during the time I was stumbling about and sliding on icy walkways.

I had been eying this coat by G Field forever!  It just didn’t make too much sense to buy it when it was 100 degrees outside in the real world.  (Of course, that never really stopped me before.)  The coat is incredibly cute, has adorable detail, and is sold in the same store where I picked up these little, fur-lined boots.  I did modify colors on both the boots and the coat so don’t try to find these exact matches.  If you want the look I’m showing here in the images, buy the ones I listed in the style card below and then tint all the necessary bits.  Also, the boots have several invisiprims surrounding them.  You can either edit those to smaller sizes to where they just vanish within the boot itself or you can unlink the boots and then remove the invisiprims that way.  Just remember what your parent prim is!  To solve the alpha issue, since the boots don’t come with one, just add an alpha from a different pair of boots.  I used one from Neurolab.

Have I ever mentioned I’m a Pink Fuel junky?  I am and I love my Elly Skin to no end.  I just love how pale the Sugar color is and how it looks in winter scenes.  I can’t wait for Mochi Milena to create another because I’ll be right there ready to buy.  Her lipstick options are incredible as if the skins aren’t cute enough.  Most of you already know that, but if you’re new and trying to figure out which skin is right for you, I recommend you at least demo the Elly skin at Pink Fuel.

With Christmas time right around the corner many Second Life residents are beginning to shop around for the perfect gifts for their online loved ones.  There are so many great choices out there and I can’t seem to make up my mind either.  I’ll be building some, buying others, but I just can’t wait to see all my friends happy for the holidays.  After all, we’re all real people behind our keyboards.  No matter how far apart we all are, it doesn’t mean that our Second Life friends and family aren’t close to our hearts ^^


Style Card: Hot Cocoa

Coat/Hair Piece: G Field: Cape Coat “Glinda” – Beige (tinted in images)

Boots: G Field: Long Fur Cuff Boots – White (tinted in images and modified)

Purse: The Secret Store: Girly Briefcase – Russet

Stockings: jOLIE: Edenish Floral Stockings

Earmuffs: [Love Soul]:Earmuff – Bear – White

Ring: KOSH: Hibernation Ring

Hair: Lamb: “I’m a Realist” in Snickers (modified)

Skin: Pink Fuel: Elly – Sugar – Angelic

Lipstick: Pink Fuel: Elly – Sugar – Doll Gloss – Beestung

Eyes: BunnyStar: Eve Skin Pack Eyes – Green

Nails:  Sexy Mamas: Manicure


Location: Sugar Pink Cafe

Poses: All poses are by SyDS and Milty.  You can shop for both on the Petit Pas sim where I shot the images for this blog.

Windlight: Back to basics.  I just used “Sunset.”