Real life took over and I had to abandon StyleOven for a while.  Luckily, however, I’m back now and I hope to meet new people in SL and create some magic together.  Sadly, I missed Halloween, my favorite time of the year to blog, but every day in SL can be a costume day so I suppose there’s nothing really stopping me from enjoying a costume or two ^^

I don’t usually like wearing entire outfits from the same designer but Boudoir did a fabulous job with this gorgeous Poison Ivy full avatar.  I added a different hairstyle, my own shape, and some fabulous mesh gloves but overall this is what you get when you purchase.  The mesh quality on the corset is excellent and I was really happy with the shading on the latex stockings.  They really do have that great shine like when I photograph alternative models in real life.  Big compliments to the designer!

The crown was part of the original hair provided by Boudoir.  I liked the hair but it glitched out with all of my leaf alphas in the set I designed.  The hair is comprised of alpha textures so it isn’t always reliable.  It is however ultra creative and I’ll probably be using it with a different look one day in the future.  Just keep in mind that if you want to wear the crown without the included hair you’ll need to mod the piece.

Oh!  And please make sure to change the URL on your blogs if you’re linked back to me.  I had to make the switch to style-oven.com instead : )  (And let me know if you link to me because I would love to link to you too!)  Looking forward to posting more and getting to know all of you better!

*Style Card Behind the Cut

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Men’s Fashion: A Gentleman and Scoundrel

"I've heard that he used grapes."

Well, we can’t forget about the gentlemen readers, now can we? My avatar is back, and once again, as a man.  This time I actually got hit on by a girl as I was shopping in GRASP.  It’s weird having to explain you’re just a woman who is dressed as a man.  LMAO!

"Leading them by their fragile palms,"

I built this outfit up around this stylish coat by Indigo Eclectic.  It has beautiful shading and shape.   Plus, right now the creator is selling this handsome winter essential for a mere L$89 over at GoQuest Plaza.  He has a kiosk on the boardwalk.  If you hear Mr. Quest, the cute little dolphin that lives in the waters nearby, you’re heading in the right direction. *giggles*

"through a maze of cobwebs and shadows."

I’ve featured the hat here on StyleOven before but it’s so awesome it had to make another appearance.  This is the “Steam Top Hat” by BunnyStar.  It’s animated with spinning cogs and has steam particle effects.  Very awesome!  The hat, if you buy it, is for women, though.  It has a large bow on the back and some decoration on the sides.  Since the hat is able to be modified, however, I just took those elements off.

If you want to remove something from a modify object, such as this hat, all you do is go to a public sandbox, make a copy of the object you want to modify, rez that object on the ground, figure out what the parent prim is (highlighted in yellow), click “unlink” on your editing menu, select each element you wish to delete, and then press the delete key on your keyboard.  Now, you just relink the object by selecting all of the prims again and then pushing the “link” button located on your editing menu.  The last element you select should be the parent prim that you identified earlier.  Now, you can take the object back into your inventory and wear it.  It’s customized!  Just make sure that you did indeed copy the object before trying to modify it.  Designers aren’t responsible if you make a mistake during the modification process. (If you have any problems or questions, feel free to IM me in world.  I’d be happy to help.)

"I bet he enjoyed his profession well."

I’ll try to find some more great men’s wear as I’m traveling about.  I really do feel bad for male players on SL because their options are much more limited when it comes to styling.  I do recommend to male readers that if you feel comfortable doing it, try wearing women’s hair and accessories as well.  You can find very masculine looking options that will look great on your avatar despite the fact they were designed with female avatars in mind.  For example, the hair my avatar is wearing now was created for women but it looks charming on my male persona.  If you want long hair, just keep away from styles with bangs.  Long, straight locks are best and a center part looks a bit more masculine.  Just try on a lot of demos, and in time, you’ll find the one that suits your character best.  (BTW, there’s a style at Lamb called “Heart” that doesn’t look bad on men either.)

"One less is considered more depending on who tells the tale."

Until I’m a man again, I hope all of you male readers have great luck in finding awesome men’s fashions in SL!  I’ll do my best to bring you more finds!


Style Card: A Gentleman and Scoundrel

Coat: Indigo Eclectic: Castor Pea Coat in Charcoal

Pants: COCO: Homme Slim Fit Pants in Black

Hat: BunnyStar: The Dreamer Steam Top Hat (Modified)

Boots: The Abyss: M_Latex_Boots

Scarf: Adjunct: Neckerchief – Large Checks

Gloves: 1st Act: Salute Gloves in Storm

Blindfold: Epic: Mod Blindfold

Lip Piercing: ROZOREGALIA: Nornir: Lip Pierce 1

Sword: Azora: Velde’s Quick Silver Rapier

Cane: Adjunct: Gentleman’s Walking Stick

Cigarette: TikotiN: Cigarette in Black & Yellow

Hair: Anaphora: Amara in Jet

Skin: Egoisme: Chance – Medium – Bald


"I woke up one morning somewhere far away."

I feel like it’s been too long since we’ve had a sci fi entry here at StyleOven.  Sci fi gear and wardrobe are a couple of my favorite things to buy in SL.  For the most part, great sci fi suits and armor will cost you quite a few L$.  Thankfully, however, there’s a store called BareRose where you can score some very well-made finds if you’re willing to look around.  I own quite a few outfits from there, among them are two of my favorites: Dame Noir and Cyber Diver Lady.  I used pieces from both to create today’s look.

"I didn't know anyone or anything."

As for accessories, my arm console and my boots are both by BunnyStar Productions.  Mhyja Questi makes some seriously awesome sci fi gear.  The mech gauntlet sadly isn’t for sale at the moment but I think she should put it out there on the market.  It really puts a finishing touch on many of my favorite looks.

"I took the boots from a man lying dead at my feet,"

The mech boots have a flight enhancer in them so you can fly higher and faster.  I used to put these babies on every time I wanted to get to higher levels of the public sandboxes PSGII and PSGIII without having to use teleporters.  Having items that are flight enhanced can really help mobility.

"and I crept out the door hoping I was just fast asleep."

The textures on this entire outfit make me drool a little.  I love when outfits look so clean and crisp. Texturing can really make or break your design.  You can have as many great sculpts as you’d like but if you don’t texture them well your creation still isn’t going to look beautiful.  When I think of great textures within SL, I immediately think of LeLutka.  If you haven’t gone shopping there yet, you should.

"I'm not sure where I'm going or how long the travel will be."

The visor I used for this outfit is from an entirely different outfit by BareRose and it’s the only piece that I decided to use from the set (at least for this look).  Never be afraid to pull just one item out of another complete outfit you’ve purchased.  Fashion and SL are all about creativity.  Do whatever it takes to create the character you desire to embody.  Buy, trade, or build whatever you need.  Your avatar is your own.  Turn him or her into someone you’re proud of!

"I don't know if this path is a mistake or my destiny."


Style Card: Intergalactic

Bodysuit and Armor: BareRose: Cyber Diver Lady (Only parts of the pack were used.)

Boots: BunnyStar: Mech Boots for Women

Gauntlet: BunnyStar: Mech Gauntlet (Not currently for sale.)

Visor: BareRose: Dame Noir (Part of an entire outfit set.)

Skin: Pink Fuel: Skye – Milk – Scene

Hair: LoQ: Grappa Pieva

Eyes: Redgrave: Cloudy


And because it got stuck in my head the moment I wrote in this entry’s title: