The Spark of Friendship

I’ve known a lot of people in my lifetime but I’d have to say that my best friend in the entire world is Mhyja Questi.  Second Life, while being a really fun experience, wouldn’t be even half as fun if it weren’t for Mhyja being by my side.

When you find someone whom you can share anything with, it’s an amazing feeling.  No matter what, Mhyja has always been by my side and I’ll always be loyal to her.  Together we’ve explored real life and Second Life, gotten into a bit of trouble here and there, and we’ve built a bond that won’t easily be broken.

Mhyja is an amazing person, friend, and artist.  If you like fantasy accessories, fantastic jewelry, and super-creative fashion, visit her store in Second Life.  You can find BunnyStar in world or on the marketplace ^^


*Style Card Behind the Cut

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The Smart Fashionista: L$175 Room

Well, this may well be the very last StyleOven post for 2011.  Over the past six months I’ve had a lot of fun, met some really talented people, and have spent more $L than I’d like to remember.  Maybe it’s for that last realization that I decided to create this post.  All of the decor (minus the curtains) in that image above equals out to L$175 total!  That means that if you’re an SL fashionista on a budget you can still put a room together that looks like it costs much more.  Saving money and being stylish are both things we can appreciate in the next year of our second lives!

Most of the decor and furniture you see is from LISP Bazaar.  LISP has a lot of great L$10 items that both work well together and are polished and clean.  The chair and sofa are even scripted to texture change so you can choose from a few different colors to match your decor.  If you’re on a budget, you may want to start at LISP first.  Their sale stuff is really easy on the virtual wallet.

I had built the room to compliment the outfit I’m wearing.  The mesh dress is from ISON and I’m pretty much in love with it.  It has a great cowl neck that really flatters the bust area all while being wide enough to showcase jewelry.  I did add a belt to the dress by Celoe so if you want the exact look you’ll need to stop by there as well.  I really love adding belts to sleek dresses like this.  It adds a sophisticated touch that is excellent for any holiday party you might attend.

My hands are mesh.  They’re by Yabusaka and while they do bend at the wrists, the fingers do not move.  What you see in the photo below is how the fingers appear at all times.  They have a much more delicate and fragile appearance than our standard SLAV hands.  Each time I wear these hands I like them more and more.  Make sure you try a demo, however, because the hands don’t blend seamlessly into your avatar’s arm.  There will be breakage so you’ll need bracelets or something of the sort.  As for color, the HUD is easy to use and I’ve had no issues matching skin tones.

I’m sure many of you will be attending parties tonight in order to rush in the New Year with style.  I wish all of you a safe and happy evening and I hope your reflections back on 2011 are positive and satisfying!  See you all in 2012!

*Decor & Style Info After the Cut.

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