Torn Away by Tera

If you enjoy my blog here at Style Oven, you may have noticed that I don’t post as much as I used to.  My best friend in real life has actually gotten me hooked on a really fun mmorpg named Tera, and now, any free time I have away from shooting or designing has been spent unwinding in this vast, impressive, fantasy world.

The game is visually stunning.  These screenshots I’ve presented here really don’t do it justice.  Time and time again, my friend, Mhyja, and I were amazed at the environments that would unfold before us.  Bluehole studios really did do an amazing job with texturing and overall atmosphere.  It’s easy to get lost for hours in this game just wandering around on your mount and exploring.

Combat is actually very fun as well.  This, in all honesty, is my first MMO but since I’ve started I’ve tried playing the games Aion and Scarlet Blade as well.  I keep going back to Tera because Tera really makes me feel challenged.  The PVP system is so exciting when it’s a fair fight.  You really need to think quick or else die quick.

I was around before the game went F2P so I’ve seen a few things go not so well too.  Sadly, many of the exciting vanity items have gone to RNG chance boxes which means you usually pump a lot of cash in just to get what you want (not that SL users aren’t used to buying vanity gear).   You can earn gold in game, however, and buy off the broker so it’s not totally impossible to get things through grinding and not through RL green.

Overall, the game is really entertaining and an excellent experience, especially if you share it with friends.  Customer service could be much, much better but the game itself is entertaining and at times very challenging.  If you haven’t already, give Tera a try.  It’s a free to play adventure that will entertain for hours!


Red Phosphorus at Juicy!

The new mainstore is still being constructed, but in the meantime, I now have a small satellite store over on the Juicy sim!  It’s a really cute sim and I’m incredibly happy with my little storefront.


Outfit in Image: Red Phosphorus: Neon Oasis – Planck Pink

Spiraling Towards the Singularity

Second Life isn’t exactly a parallel universe but it is an experience unique from our own day-to-day reality.  We log in and automatically assume a different identity, however small of a difference that may be.  Many of us have jobs and physical appearances in Second Life that demonstrate no real similarity to our actual existence here in the Milky Way Galaxy.  We may show people sides of ourselves that would seem strange and alien to those we communicate face to face with and, at times, several of us might even feel more at home in our avatar’s pixels than we do within our own flesh and blood vessel.

There’s a lot of safety within the Second Life galaxy.  Your experience is totally based on your own interests, decisions, and ideals.  From the moment you log on, you decide where the pieces fall.  Sure, there may be a bit of random chaos as you stumble through the multitude of sims, but, in the end, you construct your own piece of the cosmos.  Like an invisible hand you create a solar system around your character.  You know which places you like to visit, where you like to shop, and, if you’re a builder, what dreams you want to create.  You surround yourself with what you desire, positive and negative, and then you watch as each planet evolves, flourishes, and possibly even dies.

You can be a star, and just like an actual celestial body, you can center yourself and use your gravitational pull to ensure the story revolves around you.  For many people who are using Second Life for more than just entertainment, that’s a valuable opportunity.  As months pass by I meet more and more people.   Often times, I’ve met a lot of individuals who struggle with inner demons, low self-esteem, and real life hardships that they want to escape from.  Second Life offers them the control they may be lacking in real life and possibly even a place where they can meditate and discover the value they possess as human beings.  They meet people, build friendships, explore their own thoughts and ideas, and hopefully develop a healthier sense of self and community that they can then apply to their actual real lives where experiences are often more difficult to control.

But it’s important to remember that as with our own Milky Way Galaxy, your star and mine are not alone.  We all exist with our own planetary systems and there are thousands of us.  Sometimes, we may even find ourselves colliding, and in that event, explosions are bound to occur.  If you find yourself in that situation just remember that matter is never really destroyed.  You’ll evolve and your experiences can be even better.  Take whatever shattered elements remain within your grasp, wish whatever has drifted away well, and rebuild your happiness.  You may be pleased with the outcome.  After all, Earth wouldn’t have life if the moon hadn’t been formed through a massive impact.  Sometimes the craters and scars are worth the pain they take to make.  That goes for both Second Life and for the flesh and blood world we inhabit each day.


Style Card: Singularity

Dress: The Sea Hole: Dark Pulp

Shaw: TokiDoki:

Socks: Mocha: Loose Socks

Shoes: Honey Kitty: Ribbon Ruffle Flat Shoes in Cream

Bead Necklace: TokiDoki: Droopy Necklace in Dream

Bottle Necklace: Pink Fuel: Bottle Charm Necklace (gacha win)

Bracelet: KOSH: Nebula Bracelet (This is soooo pretty!)

Ring: Bewildebeest: Lilliputian Abode

Hair: D!va: Natsuki2 in “Cat’s Eye”

Skin: Pink Fuel: Elly – Sugar – Angelic

Lipgloss: Pink Fuel: Elly – Sugar – Doll Gloss – Orange

Eyelashes: Damned: My Perfect Eyelashes

Eyelash Tattoo: Amacci: Eyelash Tattoos

Nails:  Sexy Mamas: Manicure


Location: Inside the “Planetarium Ball” created by 109 prims Circus!

Decor & Fashion: Retro Recordin’

I haven’t been able to post in a while due to IRL happenings so I figure I’ll make this entry extra special with 3 style cards (one being for the men) and a list of retro home decor options that I used to build this cute, little kitchen set!  I decided I wanted to create a cutesy 1950s cooking show when I was reading another SL fashion blog called JuicyBomb and saw that she had purchased a retro tv camera at the Vintage Fair.  I headed on over to the fair and felt like I had hit Linden Gold when I found the fun, flirty outfit that I’m wearing in these images (I’m the taller blonde).  It’s an entire pinup housewife look that even comes with an adorable tray of burnt cookies, a texture changing apron, and a flour face tattoo (see images below)!

After that, it was just a matter of building a set and inviting some awesome people to share in the fun.  I built the set out of things I found on the marketplace.  The base for the kitchen (refrigerator, cabinets, etc.) was very cheap and doesn’t take up too much prim space so you could actually fit it into a small home. It comes in a vintage green but I modified it to blue to match myself and Mhyja better.  You’ll find many of the set elements at the end of this post.  If you want to know about textures or anything, just ask.  Like always, I’m here to share so don’t be shy ^^

A while back I had done a vampire post and, on Facebook, was asked about the emoter that my models used.  Everyone I’ve worked with so far has used the same Expressions HUD that I found in an adorable Japanese shop called Wing Factory and Maiworks.  I use it for my avatar in any shoot where I’m using expressions and it’s the best one I’ve discovered so far because it lets you mix the Second Life facial expressions by blending two together.  Sometimes, it looks a bit scary but if you experiment you can find some useful expressions.  One of my favorites is a smile that doesn’t effect your prim lashes as much.  Now that’s useful!

Our stylish and handsome cameraman is very close to me and is an incredibly talented artist in real life.  He goes by “FrizzyCube” and his gorgeous digital art and photography is more than worth checking out.  It’s great to see so many talented people playing Second Life.  They’re always bringing such beautiful elements into our world and they do it out of passion and imagination.  Take a look at all of the hunts we have that offer us free goodies and all of the worlds people create for us to enjoy.  We’re living our second lives in a creative wonderland!  We have a lot to appreciate.

If you celebrate it, I hope you have a great Thanksgiving!  Gobble up all of those yummy goodies and spend some quality time with the family.  I’ll see you soon, but until then, live your Second Life to its fullest ^^


*Style Info After the Cut.

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Little Kitsune Goes Trick-or-Treating

It’s almost that wonderful day of the year where so many of us get to pig out on as much candy as we can handle!  Hooray for Halloween and hooray for great SL fashion deals!  I’ve been on a quest to find some great Halloween costume finds for all of you.  In my past posts, I’ve found the stuff for you to go from normal to Frankenstein’s Bride and even a Living Dead Doll.  Now, I bring you this fun, fox-inspired look in case you’re crazy for cute this season!

You guys like stuff that’s free right?  Oh good!  In that case, head on over to G Field and pick up both the adorable striped dress I’m wearing and the spiderweb stockings too.  They’re both adorable, they’re great quality, and you can’t beat the price!  To top it off, you can even pick up the cute noose necklace I’m wearing (layered under the pumpkin one) in the Zombie Popcorn Hunt for absolutely nothing.  That’s right!  Zip!  That means you can have 3 important pieces of your outfit without spending a dime!  WIN!

Oh but I’m not done with the free!  No, no, no!  See that cute little treat basket in the photo above?  The one shaped like a pretty pumpkin?  Yeah, that’s free too!  I promise no tricks!  Just treats for you and your wallet ^^

I had such a hard time finding a haunted house for these photos!  There are plenty of great houses but every one I went to was either way too crowded or it just didn’t work for my purpose.  I wound up building the set you see in these pictures.  The little house can be bought on the marketplace for a mere $50L.  It won’t have a door handle, protruding boards, wall frames, the front porch, or decor though.  I added all of those myself.  Still, if you’re looking for a great little haunted house to have a little Halloween get-together in, it’s a fun buy.

Creating these Halloween posts has been such a great experience for me.  I really enjoyed finding some deals for all of you and the themes were a pleasure to work within.  I hope all of you are finding everything you need for your ghoulish get-togethers and frightening festivities!  I may have one more of these up my sleeve before the holiday arrives.  Until then, happy haunting!


*Style info after the cut.

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