In the Right Light (NSFW Beyond the Cut)

Two of my best friends in SL, Coralizity and Mhyja Questi (the creative powerhouse behind BunnyStar), agreed to participate in a very sexy, themed shoot portraying Renaissance-inspired lovlies!  We had a blast and together we experimented with different windlight settings, calling them out over the telephone when we found something we liked.  What we experienced together was a fantastic journey though the many moods of Second Life lighting and how those windlight settings can really alter way your images are perceived.



(Style card information is also located beyond the cut.)

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Born to Die

I’m no stranger to depression.  Honestly, I don’t think I’d know how to get along if that dark shadow weren’t following me down this winding path I’ve come to know as my life.  Depression, at least for me, has almost become a security blanket of sorts.  I’d even go so far as to call it a “friend” even though I know those words are false on my tongue.  It’s just that if I’m scared to be happy, to move on and step out into the light, depression is there to softly take my hand and woo me back into its firm, cradling embrace.  It knows all of my fears and my agonizing insecurities and it isn’t afraid to use any of them against me.  My so-called friend is a selfish one.

One of the worst things about depression is that it makes our worst nightmares seem to leap out of our subconscious mind and then parade about as though they really were of flesh and bone.  One moment you can be as happy as a newly birthed star, smiling and swirling about in the happy chaos about you, and then the next moment Depression comes spiraling in as a giant, hungry black hole ready to spaghettify you and swallow you whole.  How in this universe could someone escape a gravitational pull like that?  “Impossible,” one might say.

Ah, but it isn’t impossible!  Sometimes, you just need to look your grinning friend Depression in the eye and tell him (or her, I’m not sure what gender your friend may be) that you’re tired of always burning through short-lit matches there in his dark, little corner.  You want to walk out into the sunshine and if he isn’t willing to follow you there it’s his loss.  He’ll just have to sit back in the darkness trying to remember what it felt like to gleam at you with that purulent smile of his as he eagerly took you on a romantic stroll down Sorrows Ln.

And yes, it is easier said than done.  Much easier, sadly.  Facing a foe like that, someone who has been there all along or for a great deal of time, is always difficult.  Facing that part of yourself is terrifying.  I’m not alone though, and if you suffer from Depression’s grasp, neither are you.  It takes a lot of time to get better and a lot of practice telling yourself that you deserve to be happy and to enjoy your life to the fullest.  You may even find that you fall back into the shadows to lean on Depression’s sturdy shoulder from time to time.  I know that I did.  Many, many, many times in fact.  Honestly, I still sometimes see his grin today but it’s a bit fainter and he’s a little more in the distance.  It’s taken a long time but I’m learning how to turn away from his caress.  I know that anyone else could do the same if they just keep trying and believing in themselves.  Often we have no idea how strong we really are.

Even if all hope seems lost, it isn’t.  There’s beauty all around you.  There’s beauty inside of you too, even if you don’t quite see it.  Yet.


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Sea of Dreams

Octopus Outing 1

"Dreamers dwell wide-eyed in a sea of satin and moss."

I have a thing for octopi.  Sea creatures are among my favorites and their watery habitat is a world that, if I were to live another life, I’d like to inhabit.  The rolling waves and immense depths of the ocean, to me, relate to human emotions.  The sea, with it’s dangers and its beauties, conjure up incredibly visceral  feelings.

Octopus Outing 2

"Shadows falling around a mind despite the light it burns bright."

I actually saw this dress by LeLutka on a fashion blog originally and immediately had to have it. The octopus broach/closure is so beautiful and when you zoom in close there are little, jeweled suction cups (look like cute, tiny barnacles) lining the legs.  The octopus was, without a doubt, what sold me at first. Second, I noticed that the textures are really quite beautiful and the shading is lovely.  I try not to do too much Photoshop work on my images so that the products are clear.  It’s nice to purchase a product that, out of the box, is quite lovely.  The dress is quality and doesn’t need any help to look great.

Octopus Outing 3

"Taking steps into the void. Falling. Falling. Falling."

The tights I also saw on the same blog (sLuxury: I recommend it).  In my opinion, that blogger made an excellent pairing with the two so my hat goes of to them. The shoes I selected are by Tia and are called the “Ever After Shoe.”  I bought them on the SL marketplace originally.  The textures are nice and the sculpties are lovely, especially the bow on the back of each shoe.  I snagged them for an excellent price as far as SL shoes go.  I’ve noticed shoes can get quite pricy in the digital world.  Quality isn’t always cheap, however, and I respect the time people take to produce their product.

Octopus Outing 4

"Land soft, sweet dreamer. Land soft and dream a new day."

Jewelry is something I need more of.  I have problems finding pieces in SL that I’d like to own.  Thankfully, however, I was shown jewelry by Mandala.  The store in-world is really beautiful and thoughtfully designed, which makes sense considering the jeweler also paid close attention to detail when creating their pieces.

Detail is something I really appreciate.  Giving your product depth gives it character.  Think like you live in the sea.  Swim deep and bring back something new and exciting.


Style Card: Sea of Dreams

Dress: LeLutka: Ariel

Leggings: M.A.ii.K.I.: Long Legging Black 1

Shoes: Tia: Ever After Shoes

Necklace: Mandala: Sinra Necklace Wolf/Silver

Ring: EarthStones: Everyday Stone Ring (I believe it was a free gift.)

Gloves: Epic:  Spiked Brawler’s Gloves (Black/Silver)

Hair: Truth: Bonnie in Ivory

Eyes: BunnyStar: Part of the Eve Skin Pack. (Grey)

Skin: Redgrave: Leona

Nails: Sexy Mamas: Manicure – Sculpted Prim Nails