Bedroom Burlesque (NSFW Beyond the Cut)



(Style card information is also located beyond the cut.)

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Summer Days Driftin’ Away

Oh all those summer days are indeed drifting away!  We just had our first sighting of snow here in this part of the country and it’s pretty chilly.  All of that cold weather makes me crave the warm beaches and sunny skies down south.  ::sigh::  I guess I’ll just have to wait a while to experience the beach in the real world.  Lucky for all of us, we can be in a tropical paradise anytime we want in Second Life!

Speaking of having anything you want, I bought this Ganguro skin from Pink Fuel and it’s becoming my regular.  For me, a very pale girl IRL, being tan in SL is exciting!  I can’t seem to tan at all in my fleshy, mortal form so it’s neat to see how makeup and hair look on my Barbie bombshell in-world.  Maybe I’ll try creating a men’s wear post here soon that features my very own take on the Ken Doll.  Hehe ^^

I hope that, wherever you are, you’re all staying warm and enjoying your day (or evening)!  I’ll see you all again soon.  Until then, happy shopping and happy second living XD

(I’d like to thank the writer, Hamlet Au, over at New World Notes for the sweet post about my blog.  It made me blush and I really do appreciate it!  You have a really kick ass blog and I hope everyone visits it.  It’s becoming a regular read for me ^^)


Style Card: Summer Days

Bikini: Fotzi Latzo: Pink Leopard Bikini

Bracelet: LOULOU&CO: Amore Mia in white

Facial Piercings: Blah: Rotund – Piercings/Plugs (modified to remove plugs)

Belly Piercing: LOULOU&CO: APSARA

Hair: Action: Isabella in Bleached

Feet: Maitreya: Bare Feet Tip-Toe (dragonfly anklets are included)

Eyelash Tattoo: Amacci: Eyelash Tattoos

Eyeliner: Action: Cosmetic Liners – Smokey

Eyes: Redgrave: Cloudy

Skin: Pink Fuel: Ember – Ganguro

Tattoos: Para Designs: Fairy Tales (Medium and Dark Layers Both Worn)

Nails: Sexy Mamas: Manicure – Sculpted Prim Nails


Poses: Exposeur: SLuicide Girls (group gift)

Location: Cafe Adrastea

Blood and Tears

As a child, I thought that every movie ended with the good guy winning.  He would have saved the girl, mounted his trusty horse, and then ridden into the sunset with the love of a gorgeous woman in his heart.  My dad had a thing for Westerns and I guess that stuck with me for a while.  No matter what, there’s always someone there to save you.  That’s what I thought, at least.

The truth is there are things in this world that can harm you.  If you’re not careful, perhaps even kill you.  It’s a scary place and the dangers that seduce can be a troubling obstacle for some.  Meet the right people at an unfortunate time and it won’t take you long to realize that modern fairy tales had revisions for a reason: the world harbors horrors that, if possible, many would like to forget.

And sometimes the villain wins.  It isn’t the ending most of us openly accept, but sometimes it’s painfully true.  Real life isn’t always like the happy movies that filled many of our childhood days.  Sometimes evil things are done to people who posses good intentions in life, and sadly, many of those people who suffer never fully recover from the trauma.

Realizing you’re standing in pitch darkness, damaged and confused, doesn’t mean your story can’t have a happier ending, though.  If you’re lucky enough to survive the trauma, you can still begin a path towards happiness and acceptance.  No matter how much power has been taken from you, you still control what happens after the darkness dawns.  Build an inner strength, take your own hand, and pull yourself from the depths.  If you see a friendly hand reaching out, don’t be afraid to take that either.  For every negative force you’ll meet there are many more positive ones ready to nurture.

Scars may be eternal but that doesn’t mean they’ll never fade.  Remember that you’re more than just the sum of your damages, and most importantly, that you’re not alone. 

Not every life will have a happy ending but

never truly fighting for your happiness is the darkest ending of them all.


*Style info after the cut.

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Zombie Popcorn

I’m so excited because Halloween is just around the corner!  Luckily, this season has had few tricks and far more treats for me, especially when it comes to the SL community.  I’ve encountered two sweet people in just a matter of 24 hrs!

The first person is the creator of these beautiful boots that I’m wearing above.  The shoes are created by Wynter Paine and I can say that, based on my experience, she has excellent customer service.  The marketplace failed to deliver my item but Wynter was fast to send it to me.  I really appreciate that and I love the boots.  They were just what I needed.  Thank you Wynter!

The other sweetheart I met was the owner of the store where I shot these photos.  I visited a store called Rotten Defiance after checking out the Zombie Popcorn Hunt blog and seeing a link for it.  As soon as I landed I fell in love with what I thought was the designer’s Halloween garden but it turns out is her usual, awesome decor.  I love it and I think it’s fun!  Since it’s the designer’s mainstore I didn’t want to just take photos without asking.  I messaged Rogue Falconer, asking permission to take some images, and she returned a very kind notecard to me.  I love meeting such nice people in SL!  Oh btw, in her store, she has a hunt going on right now.  Both male and female gifts!

I was really happy with a lot of the Zombie Popcorn Hunt gifts.  This was one of my favorite hunts so far.  I used pieces from an outfit by Faster Pussycat called “The Raven” to create this look.  I just love How pretty all those ruffles look!  I layered the collar over another collar by LOULOU&CO to get a nice effect.  I like seeing how layering can change your look.

The corset, by Schadenfreude, is mesh and I love it!  I’m slowly falling more and more in love with all of the new mesh items and this one really adds to a nice Halloween look.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to get a few more ghoulish looks in before the monsters are unleashed!  Until then, have fun shopping for your Halloween costumes or the odds and ends to make them.  It’s your one night to live like you’re in Second Life and become anything you dream of being! ^^


Style Card: Zombie Popcorn

The following items are in the Zombie Popcorn Hunt until Oct. 31st:

Skirt, Wide Collar, and Tights: Faster Pussycat: The Raven

Blindfold: J.I.N.X: Bloody Blindfold

Skin: Skintimate: Red Queen Skin

Face Tattoo: Delusions: Cursed Vanity


The following items are not a part of the Zombie Popcorn Hunt:

Collar Under the Wide Collar: LOULOU&CO: Crepscule

Corset: Schadenfreude: Blanc Stripe & Polka Dots Corsets

Shoes: P3: Victorian Pinstripe Boots

Gloves: Nadia: Long Leather Gloves

Hair: Hairoin: Sovereign in Bone


Poses: Lauria

Location: Rotten Defiance Mainstore

Blue Velvet Cake

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"All dressed up and no place to be."

Mmmm…I have a thing for cake.  It’s my favorite dessert treat and I love so many different flavors, especially red velvet.  For some reason, this look reminded me of something as sweet and as pretty as a pastry.

"You've called him but there was no reply."

And Miss Mhyja Questi look very lovely (and tasty) as usual.  The lingerie she’s wearing is by Indyra Originals and it looks delicious.  The cute little petticoat ruffles along the panties are just the icing on it all!

"You've cried once, walked out on him twice."

These super sexy boots are by Adam n Eve. They’re called the “Sleek Black Boots” and they have an incredible shape.  There’s something that seems very French about them, at least to me.  Maybe that’s just me craving treats again, though.  (I’m pretty hungry right now.)

"But that was yesterday when everything stopped feeling right."

Mhyja always makes a very beautiful model. In these images, she’s wearing an up-and-coming release from BunnyStar.  It’s the Eve skin but it’s coming out in a few different skin tones.  This one is “pale.”

"It's time you walked out. There's someone else out there to find."

All of you should go grab yourself a slice of cake today.  Get a slice for a friend too.  That is sure to make their day special ^_^


Style Card: Blue Velvet Cake

Lingerie Outfit: Indyra Originals: Caressa2: Noir

Boots: Adam n Eve: Sleek Black Boots

Necklace: LOULOU&CO: Enigma Necklace in Black

Gloves: PixelDolls: Net Fingerless Gloves (Part of Empire Lace Dress Set)

Skin: BunnyStar: Eve Pale (Future Release)

Shape: BunnyStar: Eve Shape

Hair: Truth: Adele in Swedish

Eyes: BunnyStar: Eve Eyes: Grey