The Spark of Friendship

I’ve known a lot of people in my lifetime but I’d have to say that my best friend in the entire world is Mhyja Questi.  Second Life, while being a really fun experience, wouldn’t be even half as fun if it weren’t for Mhyja being by my side.

When you find someone whom you can share anything with, it’s an amazing feeling.  No matter what, Mhyja has always been by my side and I’ll always be loyal to her.  Together we’ve explored real life and Second Life, gotten into a bit of trouble here and there, and we’ve built a bond that won’t easily be broken.

Mhyja is an amazing person, friend, and artist.  If you like fantasy accessories, fantastic jewelry, and super-creative fashion, visit her store in Second Life.  You can find BunnyStar in world or on the marketplace ^^


*Style Card Behind the Cut

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Meet Me Half Way

Isn’t Second Life beautiful?  With the right windlight settings, water settings, and shadow setup you can look upon a world that is gorgeous and just flooded with imagination.  When it comes to images, I really love seeing what I can do with the tools Second Life provides us.  I also have a lover on the side, however, and his name is Photoshop.  Luckily, the two really seem to like one another, and in this case, three is great company.

The reason why I bring that up is because these images have a bit of shop in order to highlight the beauty of the Lost World and the attire I’m wearing.  I did use a tiny bit of blur, some dodge and burn, and a smidgen of liquify.  For the most part, however, these images are how I see Second Life on my computer screen.  In my opinion, this dress looks just as pretty when I’m just walking around and enjoying the view.

Just like how Photoshop comes in and lends a helping hand to an SL screenshot here and there, I’ve met many people in SL who help me on a daily basis with their words, actions, and creations.  It’s December 1st and that means one of my favorite holidays, Christmas, is just around the corner.  I’m about to go crazy for twinkling lights, cocoa, and cozy nights by the fire.  This time of year really knows how to put me in a great mood and also makes me reflect on how generous and caring many of the people I surround myself with truly are.

We go through our lives, both first and second, surrounded by people, things, and an environment that we hopefully choose for the better.  If you’re in a place where things don’t seem so beautiful, keep your chin up.  There’s an entire world of beauty out there and if you set your mind to it, you can be a part of it too.  There are places that are so gorgeous they stop your breath, people who are so kind even cold hearts could melt, and experiences so memorable that for a moment you realize just how lucky you are to be living and seemingly suspended in that moment.

Whoever you are and wherever you are, I hope you’re in a happy place.  Dream big and smile as much as possible.  Look around you and see all the beauty.  It’s there.  If you look hard enough, even in your darkest hour, you’ll find it everywhere.


Style Card: Meet Me Half Way

Dress: Chrysalis: Heartbreak

Gloves: Nadia: Long Leather Gloves

Necklace: Mandala: Milky Way 2 Necklace – Polly White

Bracelets: Mandala: Milky Way Bangles – White

Skin: Epic: Greta – Mocha

Eyes: Pulse: Frost

Eyelashes: Redgrave: Extra Long

Hair: booN: ANT213 hair – Platinum


Location: Lost World

Poses: Glitterati and Frozen Panty (can no longer locate store in-world)

Windlight Setting: [TOR] Horror – Darktales

Prim and Proper Pirate

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"There's adventure out there, lost in the seas!"

A’hoy there!  It seems I’ve finally busted this outfit out of that prison I like to call an “inventory.”  I’ve had these pieces for a rather long time but every day when I put it on and try to go shoot some images, I get distracted.  Not this time, however!  Today, my little pirate princess has begun her journey on the high seas and she doesn’t care about a single one of you scurvy land lubbers!  (Well, okay, so she does care.  She just needs a little vacation.)

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"Where a lady like me can live like she's free."

I had originally bought this dress by Violent Seduction to be worn as a floor-length gown.  The set it comes in includes a few different length variations so it’s easy to play around with.  After I bought the outfit, however, I decided I much preferred the short length.  It’s flirty and short but still remains a little more on the modest side of things.  I like that feel for my pirate sweetheart ^_^

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"Might have to kick in some doors, throw a few men overboard,"

I really love these shoes by Lassitude and Ennui.  They’re incredibly cute and come with an easy to use HUD that lets you change different aspects of the shoes.  I changed the upper fabric to this greyish-blue using the HUD.  Love that feature!

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"Stay prepared, and steal the best lifeboats the rich can afford,"

The jewelry is by one of my favorite designers in SL.  I pretty much want every single thing that Mandala has in the store.  If money were no object, I probably would have it all.  The pieces are a little on the pricier side, but as I’ve said before, great jewelry is difficult to find in SL.  It’s worth making the investment on a few pieces (or several).  I know what it’s like to shop on a budget so I can relate to any of you that need to spend your $L wisely >_o

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"but even if I go down with the ship,"

The adorable little hat I’m wearing is by LaGyo.  It’s very detailed and I love the waves that resemble feathers.  My dad had model boats when I was younger.  I remember the glue smelling terrible.  For some reason I like to picture the nose of a SL avatar wrinkling up as they worked long hours assembling this awesome headpiece.  It obviously had effort put into it.  I think it’s wonderful to see such beautiful creations from the different people around SL.  There’s such talent here!

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"A woman like me can give even a few sharks the slip >_o"


Style Card: Prim and Proper Pirate

Dress: Violent Seduction: Muse (Fawn)

Headpiece/Hat: LaGyo: Vessel Headpiece in Blue

Garter: Lo*momo: Satin Blue (Gatcha Find)

Shoes: Lassitude and Ennui: Doll Ankle Boots in Cream

Bracelets: Mandala: Pearl Rain

Necklace/Earrings: Mandala: Pearl Rain

Hair: Truth: Orchid in Oasis

Skin: Pink Fuel: Elly – Sugar – Angelic

Eyelashes: Redgrave: Extra Long

Eyes: Redgrave: Cloudy

Lip Gloss: Pink Fuel: Elly – Sugar – Juicy Gloss – Lingerie Pink

Nails: Sexy Mamas: Manicure – Sculpted Prim Nails

Sea of Dreams

Octopus Outing 1

"Dreamers dwell wide-eyed in a sea of satin and moss."

I have a thing for octopi.  Sea creatures are among my favorites and their watery habitat is a world that, if I were to live another life, I’d like to inhabit.  The rolling waves and immense depths of the ocean, to me, relate to human emotions.  The sea, with it’s dangers and its beauties, conjure up incredibly visceral  feelings.

Octopus Outing 2

"Shadows falling around a mind despite the light it burns bright."

I actually saw this dress by LeLutka on a fashion blog originally and immediately had to have it. The octopus broach/closure is so beautiful and when you zoom in close there are little, jeweled suction cups (look like cute, tiny barnacles) lining the legs.  The octopus was, without a doubt, what sold me at first. Second, I noticed that the textures are really quite beautiful and the shading is lovely.  I try not to do too much Photoshop work on my images so that the products are clear.  It’s nice to purchase a product that, out of the box, is quite lovely.  The dress is quality and doesn’t need any help to look great.

Octopus Outing 3

"Taking steps into the void. Falling. Falling. Falling."

The tights I also saw on the same blog (sLuxury: I recommend it).  In my opinion, that blogger made an excellent pairing with the two so my hat goes of to them. The shoes I selected are by Tia and are called the “Ever After Shoe.”  I bought them on the SL marketplace originally.  The textures are nice and the sculpties are lovely, especially the bow on the back of each shoe.  I snagged them for an excellent price as far as SL shoes go.  I’ve noticed shoes can get quite pricy in the digital world.  Quality isn’t always cheap, however, and I respect the time people take to produce their product.

Octopus Outing 4

"Land soft, sweet dreamer. Land soft and dream a new day."

Jewelry is something I need more of.  I have problems finding pieces in SL that I’d like to own.  Thankfully, however, I was shown jewelry by Mandala.  The store in-world is really beautiful and thoughtfully designed, which makes sense considering the jeweler also paid close attention to detail when creating their pieces.

Detail is something I really appreciate.  Giving your product depth gives it character.  Think like you live in the sea.  Swim deep and bring back something new and exciting.


Style Card: Sea of Dreams

Dress: LeLutka: Ariel

Leggings: M.A.ii.K.I.: Long Legging Black 1

Shoes: Tia: Ever After Shoes

Necklace: Mandala: Sinra Necklace Wolf/Silver

Ring: EarthStones: Everyday Stone Ring (I believe it was a free gift.)

Gloves: Epic:  Spiked Brawler’s Gloves (Black/Silver)

Hair: Truth: Bonnie in Ivory

Eyes: BunnyStar: Part of the Eve Skin Pack. (Grey)

Skin: Redgrave: Leona

Nails: Sexy Mamas: Manicure – Sculpted Prim Nails