Men’s Fashion: Aeronn Investigates Sleepy Hollow

It seems Ichabod Crane won’t be investigating Sleepy Hollow on this fateful night.  Instead, young Aeronn has wandered to the edge of this quiet town, perhaps to see if the mysteries surrounding so many unexplained deaths can be solved by her quick wit and meticulous eye.  She may have found more than she bargained for, however.  This bridge harbors more than a thick blanket of ominous fog.

Because you see, from the depths of that deep sea of smoke rides forth an apparition of terror.  Atop a flaming steed, leather reins clinched between tightly wound fingers, rides a being who is not man but monster.  In his grip a jack-0-lantern grins, unholy fires lapping against the never singed flesh.  His horse rears upon its hind hooves and yells into the night as the moon leers from behind the beams of the covered bridge, illuminating the demon’s shoulders and the pulsing, bleeding stump of a neck.

The stars quiver and cower behind billowing blankets of clouds as the sounds of hooves beat against the cold earth.  There’s a shrill scream that echoes throughout all of Tarry Town, birds scattering from their rooftop roosts as they sense the danger below.  Then, just as suddenly, the air turns stale and beautiful Aeronn finds herself alone in the dull, murky light.  Longing for the safety of the town, she slowly walks towards the old bridge that rests upon the river like the barge of Charon himself.  With a heavy lump in her chest she stops right before the first weathered plank and leans into the darkness.  Her eyes widen in disbelief, and behind her, a bright glow drowns the forest canopy in crimson.


I’d like to offer a special thanks Aeronn for letting me use the image I took of her.  I was shooting in Innsmouth and she just happened to be stumble upon me so I took a shot to capture the moment.  It was a pleasure meeting you Aeronn and I hope you enjoy the image!  It was a fun adventure!


Also, you’ll need to make your own flaming pumpkin head since I can’t find one on the marketplace that was both flaming and mod/copy so that I could add a pose animation.  All you need to do is find a mod/copy jack-o-lantern (I included the one I used in the style card) and then find yourself a fire script.  I used one that I already had but you can find one with a great texture on the SL marketplace.  Just drop that script and texture into your mod/copy jack-o-lantern and you’re good to go.  You may need to tweak the script a little but it shouldn’t be too difficult.  If you want a pose animation (on priority 4) you can also add that into your pumpkin along with the appropriate animation script.  I’ll try to get a step-by-step tutorial for this sort of thing since it’s also good for all of those purses so many women have in their inventories.  Until then, feel free to message me in-world if you’re having any problems creating your jack-o-lantern head.  Happy haunting!


Style Card: Headless Terror

Coat: Zenith: Marquis Vladimir (Black/Grey)

Pants: AITUI: Reborn Slacks – Low Rise  [Onyx]

Cloak: Ookami Ningen: Remains of the Night Cloak

Boots: The Abyss: M_Latex_Boots

Severed Head: KAZ: Halloween Sculpted Neck Amputation with Bones

Gloves: 1st Act: Salute Gloves in Charcoal

Jack-o-lantern: Escapades: Halloween Pumpkin Pack (modified heavily)

Horse: BareRose: Black Horse


Location: Innsmouth


Men’s Fashion: A Gentleman and Scoundrel

"I've heard that he used grapes."

Well, we can’t forget about the gentlemen readers, now can we? My avatar is back, and once again, as a man.  This time I actually got hit on by a girl as I was shopping in GRASP.  It’s weird having to explain you’re just a woman who is dressed as a man.  LMAO!

"Leading them by their fragile palms,"

I built this outfit up around this stylish coat by Indigo Eclectic.  It has beautiful shading and shape.   Plus, right now the creator is selling this handsome winter essential for a mere L$89 over at GoQuest Plaza.  He has a kiosk on the boardwalk.  If you hear Mr. Quest, the cute little dolphin that lives in the waters nearby, you’re heading in the right direction. *giggles*

"through a maze of cobwebs and shadows."

I’ve featured the hat here on StyleOven before but it’s so awesome it had to make another appearance.  This is the “Steam Top Hat” by BunnyStar.  It’s animated with spinning cogs and has steam particle effects.  Very awesome!  The hat, if you buy it, is for women, though.  It has a large bow on the back and some decoration on the sides.  Since the hat is able to be modified, however, I just took those elements off.

If you want to remove something from a modify object, such as this hat, all you do is go to a public sandbox, make a copy of the object you want to modify, rez that object on the ground, figure out what the parent prim is (highlighted in yellow), click “unlink” on your editing menu, select each element you wish to delete, and then press the delete key on your keyboard.  Now, you just relink the object by selecting all of the prims again and then pushing the “link” button located on your editing menu.  The last element you select should be the parent prim that you identified earlier.  Now, you can take the object back into your inventory and wear it.  It’s customized!  Just make sure that you did indeed copy the object before trying to modify it.  Designers aren’t responsible if you make a mistake during the modification process. (If you have any problems or questions, feel free to IM me in world.  I’d be happy to help.)

"I bet he enjoyed his profession well."

I’ll try to find some more great men’s wear as I’m traveling about.  I really do feel bad for male players on SL because their options are much more limited when it comes to styling.  I do recommend to male readers that if you feel comfortable doing it, try wearing women’s hair and accessories as well.  You can find very masculine looking options that will look great on your avatar despite the fact they were designed with female avatars in mind.  For example, the hair my avatar is wearing now was created for women but it looks charming on my male persona.  If you want long hair, just keep away from styles with bangs.  Long, straight locks are best and a center part looks a bit more masculine.  Just try on a lot of demos, and in time, you’ll find the one that suits your character best.  (BTW, there’s a style at Lamb called “Heart” that doesn’t look bad on men either.)

"One less is considered more depending on who tells the tale."

Until I’m a man again, I hope all of you male readers have great luck in finding awesome men’s fashions in SL!  I’ll do my best to bring you more finds!


Style Card: A Gentleman and Scoundrel

Coat: Indigo Eclectic: Castor Pea Coat in Charcoal

Pants: COCO: Homme Slim Fit Pants in Black

Hat: BunnyStar: The Dreamer Steam Top Hat (Modified)

Boots: The Abyss: M_Latex_Boots

Scarf: Adjunct: Neckerchief – Large Checks

Gloves: 1st Act: Salute Gloves in Storm

Blindfold: Epic: Mod Blindfold

Lip Piercing: ROZOREGALIA: Nornir: Lip Pierce 1

Sword: Azora: Velde’s Quick Silver Rapier

Cane: Adjunct: Gentleman’s Walking Stick

Cigarette: TikotiN: Cigarette in Black & Yellow

Hair: Anaphora: Amara in Jet

Skin: Egoisme: Chance – Medium – Bald

Men’s Fashion: Blowing off Some City Steam

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"I knew a man."

Who’s that handsome fella?  Oh wait!  That’s me!  Yeah, if you ever bump into me in-world, there’s a chance I’ll look like this young gentleman.  He’s not really an alt.  I guess I’m too lazy to have one of those.  Instead, this guy, whom I’ve affectionately named “Kevin,” is just an addition to my inventory, the inventory of someone who is usually a woman.

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"A man who spent a lifetime wondering where he fit in."

I guess I just can’t help but have a male shape lying around in there.  Men’s fashions are just as fun as women’s.  Sadly, however, it’s hard to find great men’s wear in Second Life.  I really feel like the guys are being neglected a bit so I’ll do my best to blog about quality men’s items whenever I get the chance.

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"He got into trouble wherever he went."

And weapons!  If you read my blog, you know that I like a great weapon or two (or twenty).  For Kevin, I decided to go with the pistol from the Steampunk Pirate Masters Collection by Steam Powered Nuts.  I just got it today so I haven’t been able to try out the weapon’s features yet, but I can say it looks great. I did edit it by setting the shine setting from “low” to “none” for these images.  I’ll try to give updates on how it handles in the future.

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"And if he tried to stay away, well, trouble would just find him."

As for wardrobe, I stumbled upon a great store called Mr. Poet one day in SL.  I really like the textures that the creator uses.  You can tell they put a lot of thought into their designs and I appreciate that.  I’m sure I’ll be posting more from this designer in the future

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"Yeah, I knew a man. I knew him once and then never again."

If you know of any great men’s clothing stores, please let me know either through a comment here on the blog or through an IM in-world.  I’d love to showcase more men’s wear designers in the future.  There’s nothing wrong with looking your best, no matter what your gender or sex may be!


Style Card: City Steam

Jacket/Shirt Combo: Mr. Poet: Peacoat and Pleated Shirt-Vest Set in Black

Pants: Mr. Poet: Leather Woven Pants Black

Shoes: Redgrave: Aviator Loafers in Black

Weapon: Steam Powered Nuts: Pistol: Steampunk Pirate Masters Collection

Goggles: Bytegang Worlds: Kimiko Air Pilot Goggles

Hair: Drot: Josh: Smoke

Skin: Redgrave: Emil: Pale Skin: 2 Day Beard

Eyes: Redgrave: Granit

Lip Ring: ROZOREGALIA: Nornir: Lip Pierce 1

Ring: Design Extreme: Silver Inlaid Ring 1

Ear Gauges: I made them.  If you want a pair, just send me, “GasOven,” an IM in-world and I’ll gladly give you the set for free. They’d work on women, too.