The Spark of Friendship

I’ve known a lot of people in my lifetime but I’d have to say that my best friend in the entire world is Mhyja Questi.  Second Life, while being a really fun experience, wouldn’t be even half as fun if it weren’t for Mhyja being by my side.

When you find someone whom you can share anything with, it’s an amazing feeling.  No matter what, Mhyja has always been by my side and I’ll always be loyal to her.  Together we’ve explored real life and Second Life, gotten into a bit of trouble here and there, and we’ve built a bond that won’t easily be broken.

Mhyja is an amazing person, friend, and artist.  If you like fantasy accessories, fantastic jewelry, and super-creative fashion, visit her store in Second Life.  You can find BunnyStar in world or on the marketplace ^^


*Style Card Behind the Cut

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From Day to Night – One Character – Casual to Formal

I first got the idea to put together a “day to night” wardrobe transformation when I began walking around in this incredibly cute, aqua and black mesh dress by Aura (shown on left).  Right now, you can pick it up at COLLABOR88 for well under what the dress is truly worth.  It fit my avatar very well and was made even more fun by the addition of this adorable, pink belt by  It never hurts to personalize a look with your own unique touch ^^

For the day look I tried to imagine what I’d want to wear while out shopping with my girlfriends.  I wanted the styling to be flirty and full of energy so I accented my sassy mesh dress with pops of pink.  For a final touch I added these fabulous new shoes by N-core.  The “Coquette Spikes” shoes were love at first sight for me!

When it came to decor for the entire set, I knew I wanted something young, modern, and full of vibrant color!  The first image shows you the entire set I built.  It isn’t two different sets but instead one large set built to “fade” from the day look to the night look.  To get my avatar wearing both of her unique looks but in one image, I just shot the set twice from the exact same camera angle.  Then, it’s as simple as layering the two images in Photoshop.  To get the exact angle I used the Furware Peek HUD.  It’s an awesome tool to have in your inventory!

I wanted the evening ensemble to compliment the character’s style all while looking like she’s about to go on a romantic date.  It was important to me that I didn’t compromise her individuality so I purchased her hair from the same creator.  Action creates some wicked styles that really appeal to alternative fashionistas.  I will say, however, that the brand doesn’t allow you to modify the hair manually so make sure you try a demo.  If you can’t get Action hair to fit with the resizer, you’ll need to make shape modifications.

The ability to experiment with your avatar’s style and identity is one of the reasons why I love Second Life so much.  I’m so thankful for all of the talented designers out there who put their heart and soul into their creations.  We have a wonderful, magical world here in SL and I hope my posts have been helping many of you find products and places that perhaps you hadn’t seen before.  I wish you all the best of luck in discovering your personal styles, joys, and passions here within our second world!

* Style and Decor Info After the Cut.

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On a Trip

I felt like putting my efforts towards one image tonight instead of several.  I built the set in-world but there’s a bit of post processing to get the desired effect.  The clothing hasn’t been edited too much.  Clarity and contrast have been improved, however, and I did give the avatar additional hair in post.  Just giving you a heads up in case you go off and buy one or more of the items ^^

I hope all of you are well, safe, and warm tonight! ❤


Style Card: On a Trip

Tutu and Lips in Hair: OCELLO: Lips Dress New Year (modifed heavily and only pieces were used)

Corset: Schadenfreude: Octopus Electro-Cute

Pasties: Footpaw Industries: Nipple Flexi Bows

Fishnets: Erratic: Wearing a thin and wide pair, layered.  Pink and Purple.

Bow: Magika: Kawaii Bow (It was a free group gift.)

Shoes: Tea Time: Funky Zebra

Ring: MONS: Elegance Ring – Pan

Skin: Epic: Greta – Mocha

Eyes & Lips: Candy Mountain: Cherry Killer Makeup

Hair: Magika: TwentyFour (tinted and more hair added in post)

Hard Candy

While shopping at Soup today with my friend Cora, I decided to snap a few shots of my outfit just outside.  The Soup mainstore has this great, little town around it that has a grungy, underbelly sort of feel.  I’m a big fan of the different sims that use a lot of glow and bright signs.  I originally come from a small town in Kentucky so I wasn’t exposed to anything majorly urbanized until I was about 18.

The awesome wrap jacket and great guitar case I’m carrying are by SEY.  The guitar case has a lot of great holds that are built in and menu driven. They don’t clash with your AO because I assume they’re on priority 4.  Plus, the case is texture change so you can use it with different outfits.  I love when designers make items flexible.

That’s Cora up there the in background.  I really appreciate the fact that she put up with me while I snapped these.  Haha!  Shopping is a great way to bond with the ladies you meet here on SL and there are so many fabulous fashionistas.  With that in mind, check out these great blogs: Token Chic, OhMyOhmai, and Nana Minuet.  I’m not affiliated with the ladies nor do I even know them at all.  I just appreciate their contributions ^^  Have a great week everyone!


Style Card: Hard Candy

Dress: Retro: 050

Jacket: SEY: Maki2 Zip Up – Zebra

Garter Socks: Epic: Basic Black Garter Socks

Gloves: Glue Ink: Ree Gloves in Pink

Shoes: Tea Time: Pump Platform – Cartoon

Guitar Case: SEY: Guitar Bag B

Glasses: Epic: Kyoot Nerdy Glasses! in Black (gacha grab)

Gauges: Gauged: Triple Set (heavily modified)

Facial Piercings: Blah: Rotund – Piercings/Plugs (modified to remove plugs)

Cigarette: TikotiN: Cigarette in Pink

Hair: Action: Donna 2 in Bleached

Leg Tattoo: Para Designs: Cupcake Madness

Arm Tattoo: Para Designs: Sugar Rush (Medium and Dark Layers Both Worn)

Skin: Pink Fuel: Ember – Ganguro

Eyelash Tattoo: Amacci: Eyelash Tattoos

Eyeliner: Action: Cosmetic Liners – Smokey

Eyes: Redgrave: Python

Nail Tattoo: The Little Bat: Black Nails