Believing in Magic

For the past twelve or so hours I have been going crazy over these adorable, mesh, petite avatars by Fallen Gods Inc (see images below).  They are absolutely fantastic and everything I would want in a mini avatar that is realistically proportioned and well textured!  I loved them so much, in fact, that two of my best friends and I got together to tell the tale of a wandering girl who finds two very unexpected prisoners while out in the forest ^^

…But I’ll let the pictures tell you the story.  I’ll use my words to tell you about the avatars themselves!  First off, they’re quite tiny as you can see in the images.  Cora used her full size avatar so we could have a size comparison that was visually interesting.  Cora is about average in height for an SL female.  When Mhyja and I first picked up our avatars (thanks for the gift, Mhyj!) we weren’t sure if many things in our inventory would fit.  At $L1,500 per avatar set some people may get a little nervous.  After all, we want an avatar that we can customize.  Well, I have GREAT news!  You can indeed use many of the items in your inventory just so long as they can be modified and sized down.

If you’re obsessed with hair (Mhyja and I both are) you’ll probably want something custom on your little characters.  Mhyja and I both found different brands that seem to be working for us.  I used a beautiful style from booN that I tinted to two different colors (buy platinum and then go color crazy) and Mhyja decided upon a sexy style by Exile.  If you’re not in the mood to resize anything, Wasabi Pills did team up with Fallen Gods Inc to make an adorable mesh mini style that fits your petite right out of the box. It’s priced very reasonably.  Mhyja and I both picked it up and it is indeed very cute.

If you get one of these little avatars, start looking for prim attachments in your inventory.  I used this sexy flower bikini by Severed Garden.  The avatars come with both PG and anatomically correct bodies so you can just use the PG version, like I did, if you want to hide your naughty bits.  Speaking of which, the black bodysuit Mhyja is wearing is by Fallen Gods Inc and comes with the Petite Dracos set.  On my computer, the bodysuit vanished when I had my graphics on ultra with shadows.  It may just be me but I’m giving you a heads up in case you run into it too.  If you do, just take two identical images of your avatar, one with shadows on and one off.  Layer the images in Photoshop and then you can just use a layer mask or simple selection and cut to remedy the issue.  There may be a way to fix it in the viewer too but I’m not sure (Phoenix Firestorm).  If you know a way, please leave me a comment.  I love to hear tips ^^

A note on wings: both Mhyja and I aren’t using the wings that came with our avatars.  The wings that are included in the petites packs are beautiful but Mhyja wanted to use her custom demon attire that she’s been building for BunnyStar and I’ve been dying to use these JOMO wings ever since I bought them a couple months ago.  It’s amazing how much you can customize these little ladies!    We even added prim eyes and eyelashes!

If you’re thinking about purchasing a set, I recommend it for sure!  I already own both the Crystals pack and the Elves pack.  They’re a great addition to any SL avatar lover’s collection and a creative challenge for any fashionista.  Go out there and live big in a tiny package! ^^

*Style info is found after the cut.

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Impish Curiosity

Hooray for being back in action here on StyleOven!  I missed my little blog but sadly real life was calling and I needed to get a lot of photo edits finished!  Today, my friend Cora and I set out to finish up a photoshoot we had styled a couple weeks ago.  I shot the images in the sim Mysterious Wave, which has been remodeled since I blogged about it on Sim Sunday back in August.  The new design is cool and great for images but I feel a little sad while I’m walking around there.  I haven’t even been in SL for a year yet but I’ve seen so many things change and other things totally disappear.  We all really do need to capture our memories in screenshots.  I’m glad I had shot in this sim before it changed.  It’s great to be able to look back on the beautiful things we’ve experienced during our travels.

Cora and I based our stylings around the Mysterious Wave sim itself.  The creator, Cherry Manga, put a lot of bird imagery within the sim so Cora and I decided to compliment that with our ensembles.  I had everything but the mask by ContraptioN and the Hair by BC322 already in my inventory.  That’s a pretty exciting feeling!  I’m just now getting to the point where my inventory has so many options that I can style near complete wardrobes without the need to shop.  That’s an awesome moment for a SL fashionista!

Most of the time while shooting, I like to use pose anywhere HUDs because they make things so incredibly easy.  When shooting with another person is an area that allows object placement, however, I really like using inexpensive pose stands.  You can purchase them on the marketplace.  Mine only cost L$10 each.  I always unlink the pose stands and then ad my own cube to them before relinking.  That way they’re easier to move about the sim.  If both of you have mutual permission to move owned objects the entire process becomes a fun, uncomplicated process.

I’ve been collecting a lot of poses lately.  I keep finding that, as a blogger, you can never really have enough.  My favorite brands so far are Glitterati and Di’s Opera.  Glitterati has a lot of great couple and multi-avatar poses that I enjoy as well.  You’ll be seeing some of them here on StyleOven soon.  I keep finding that I have the most fun blogging when I’m shooting with other people.

I hope all of you are well and enjoying your new year here in Second Life!  I can’t wait to meet many more of you and to share experiences while we try to find our place within this beautiful world.  Thanks for all of your support and I hope you’re having a great weekend!

*Style info after the cut.

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"I woke up one morning somewhere far away."

I feel like it’s been too long since we’ve had a sci fi entry here at StyleOven.  Sci fi gear and wardrobe are a couple of my favorite things to buy in SL.  For the most part, great sci fi suits and armor will cost you quite a few L$.  Thankfully, however, there’s a store called BareRose where you can score some very well-made finds if you’re willing to look around.  I own quite a few outfits from there, among them are two of my favorites: Dame Noir and Cyber Diver Lady.  I used pieces from both to create today’s look.

"I didn't know anyone or anything."

As for accessories, my arm console and my boots are both by BunnyStar Productions.  Mhyja Questi makes some seriously awesome sci fi gear.  The mech gauntlet sadly isn’t for sale at the moment but I think she should put it out there on the market.  It really puts a finishing touch on many of my favorite looks.

"I took the boots from a man lying dead at my feet,"

The mech boots have a flight enhancer in them so you can fly higher and faster.  I used to put these babies on every time I wanted to get to higher levels of the public sandboxes PSGII and PSGIII without having to use teleporters.  Having items that are flight enhanced can really help mobility.

"and I crept out the door hoping I was just fast asleep."

The textures on this entire outfit make me drool a little.  I love when outfits look so clean and crisp. Texturing can really make or break your design.  You can have as many great sculpts as you’d like but if you don’t texture them well your creation still isn’t going to look beautiful.  When I think of great textures within SL, I immediately think of LeLutka.  If you haven’t gone shopping there yet, you should.

"I'm not sure where I'm going or how long the travel will be."

The visor I used for this outfit is from an entirely different outfit by BareRose and it’s the only piece that I decided to use from the set (at least for this look).  Never be afraid to pull just one item out of another complete outfit you’ve purchased.  Fashion and SL are all about creativity.  Do whatever it takes to create the character you desire to embody.  Buy, trade, or build whatever you need.  Your avatar is your own.  Turn him or her into someone you’re proud of!

"I don't know if this path is a mistake or my destiny."


Style Card: Intergalactic

Bodysuit and Armor: BareRose: Cyber Diver Lady (Only parts of the pack were used.)

Boots: BunnyStar: Mech Boots for Women

Gauntlet: BunnyStar: Mech Gauntlet (Not currently for sale.)

Visor: BareRose: Dame Noir (Part of an entire outfit set.)

Skin: Pink Fuel: Skye – Milk – Scene

Hair: LoQ: Grappa Pieva

Eyes: Redgrave: Cloudy


And because it got stuck in my head the moment I wrote in this entry’s title:

Rock Candy

"Let's go treasure hunting..."

A little neon rock candy would brighten anyone’s day!  It’s been a busy week for us over at GoQuest Plaza.  There’s a new expansion going on so we’re building almost all the time now.  It’s good to take breaks though and this blog is indeed my break.  Today, I have images of a super cute outfit all based around this awesome dress I got from The Sea Hole.  I really enjoy it because it’s a modest design with a little, flirty surprise.  I love how you can see through the sculpted skirt.  It adds a twist to the outfit that I really appreciate!

"...dig down deep."

My little owl bag by Undefined Lillies is one of my favorites in my ever-expanding purse collection.  I love how it’s customizable.  You just click on it and you can change the textures for the eyes, wings, and more.  The metal textures can even be changed to gold so that it suits your outfit better.  Such great flexibility in such a cute accessory!

"Find something worth while..."

One of my favorite jewelry designers in SL is .:MANNA:..  I absolutely adore all of the pieces available and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to buy them all.  These little earrings are so adorable.  They have tiny fruit inside a glass bulb.  I love when designers put so much detail into their work.  There are such talented people in Sl.  It’s wonderful!

"...something that's both sweet and a treat."

I own the new Elly Skin by Pink Fuel but for some reason Skye in “Scene” has been my favorite pick lately.  I tend to get obsessed with one skin for a while and it becomes the one I use almost exclusively.  When it comes to younger-looking skins, I always seem to go for Pink Fuel.  I just think her work is so pretty.

"You never know what you'll find. Some treasures seem good enough to eat."

As for shoes, I’ve been buying G Field lately.  It’s not a new brand from what I understand but it’s new to me.  I love these bow strap shoes.  They make me want to put a princess dress together and parade around some Renaissance sim, longing for my prince.  And as for those legwarmers, well the texture is just Epic >_o


Style Card: Rock Candy Cutie

Dress: The Sea Hole: Calliope Dress

Legwarmers: Epic: 2.0 Leg Warmer Slouchies (Tall)

Shoes: G Field: Bow Strap Shoes “Kate”

Purse: Undefined Lillies: Treasure Meets Hoot

Bracelets: My Avi: Pink Diamond Stud Leather Bangles

Ring: (YUMMY): Candy Ring – Pink

Earrings: .:MANNA:. Perle d’Ete Earring

Owl Broach in Hair: Undefined Lillies: Tackered Owl (purple/silver)

Hair: Elikatira: Garden – Black 05

Skin: Pink Fuel: Skye – Milk – Scene

Eyes: Redgrave: Cloudy

Lip Gloss: BunnyStar: 10×10 Day Pack – Bubblegum Pink

Nails: Sexy Mamas: Manicure – Sculpted Prim Nails

Prim and Proper Pirate

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"There's adventure out there, lost in the seas!"

A’hoy there!  It seems I’ve finally busted this outfit out of that prison I like to call an “inventory.”  I’ve had these pieces for a rather long time but every day when I put it on and try to go shoot some images, I get distracted.  Not this time, however!  Today, my little pirate princess has begun her journey on the high seas and she doesn’t care about a single one of you scurvy land lubbers!  (Well, okay, so she does care.  She just needs a little vacation.)

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"Where a lady like me can live like she's free."

I had originally bought this dress by Violent Seduction to be worn as a floor-length gown.  The set it comes in includes a few different length variations so it’s easy to play around with.  After I bought the outfit, however, I decided I much preferred the short length.  It’s flirty and short but still remains a little more on the modest side of things.  I like that feel for my pirate sweetheart ^_^

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"Might have to kick in some doors, throw a few men overboard,"

I really love these shoes by Lassitude and Ennui.  They’re incredibly cute and come with an easy to use HUD that lets you change different aspects of the shoes.  I changed the upper fabric to this greyish-blue using the HUD.  Love that feature!

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"Stay prepared, and steal the best lifeboats the rich can afford,"

The jewelry is by one of my favorite designers in SL.  I pretty much want every single thing that Mandala has in the store.  If money were no object, I probably would have it all.  The pieces are a little on the pricier side, but as I’ve said before, great jewelry is difficult to find in SL.  It’s worth making the investment on a few pieces (or several).  I know what it’s like to shop on a budget so I can relate to any of you that need to spend your $L wisely >_o

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"but even if I go down with the ship,"

The adorable little hat I’m wearing is by LaGyo.  It’s very detailed and I love the waves that resemble feathers.  My dad had model boats when I was younger.  I remember the glue smelling terrible.  For some reason I like to picture the nose of a SL avatar wrinkling up as they worked long hours assembling this awesome headpiece.  It obviously had effort put into it.  I think it’s wonderful to see such beautiful creations from the different people around SL.  There’s such talent here!

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"A woman like me can give even a few sharks the slip >_o"


Style Card: Prim and Proper Pirate

Dress: Violent Seduction: Muse (Fawn)

Headpiece/Hat: LaGyo: Vessel Headpiece in Blue

Garter: Lo*momo: Satin Blue (Gatcha Find)

Shoes: Lassitude and Ennui: Doll Ankle Boots in Cream

Bracelets: Mandala: Pearl Rain

Necklace/Earrings: Mandala: Pearl Rain

Hair: Truth: Orchid in Oasis

Skin: Pink Fuel: Elly – Sugar – Angelic

Eyelashes: Redgrave: Extra Long

Eyes: Redgrave: Cloudy

Lip Gloss: Pink Fuel: Elly – Sugar – Juicy Gloss – Lingerie Pink

Nails: Sexy Mamas: Manicure – Sculpted Prim Nails