Sleep in Dreams

I work almost every, single day now.  Sometimes, it’s easy to get caught up in the swirl and twirl of day-to-day living and anxiety.  Colors start to blend, merge, germinate, and blossom into a few staggered and blurred wisps streaming against the dark soil that has become your mind.  Before you know it, Mondays leap over Wednesdays before plowing straight through the spine of Fridays, splattering the remnants of weekday commitments across the warm sands of promised paradises Saturday and Sunday.

I think I needed this little escape.

What I really love about Second Life is that it’s such an excellent outlet for our emotions.  We have a place here where we can imagine, re-imagine, and create.  It’s a video game, yes, but it’s also somewhere that we can all use to explore our feelings, thoughts, ideas, and desires.

It’s digital therapy for the pixelated soul.

But while it can be therapy, it can also be an all-consuming dream.  We play here, lost in our moments, and while we exist within our avatar meshes a whole world of perhaps greater possibility and experience spans out across a vast distance of the possibly never known.  I feel like this pixelated world let’s me find myself, though.  I feel like I’ve found substance here as well as in my fleshy form, and I’ve realized that dreams aren’t only meant for those moments we’re soundly asleep.


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