The Spark of Friendship

I’ve known a lot of people in my lifetime but I’d have to say that my best friend in the entire world is Mhyja Questi.  Second Life, while being a really fun experience, wouldn’t be even half as fun if it weren’t for Mhyja being by my side.

When you find someone whom you can share anything with, it’s an amazing feeling.  No matter what, Mhyja has always been by my side and I’ll always be loyal to her.  Together we’ve explored real life and Second Life, gotten into a bit of trouble here and there, and we’ve built a bond that won’t easily be broken.

Mhyja is an amazing person, friend, and artist.  If you like fantasy accessories, fantastic jewelry, and super-creative fashion, visit her store in Second Life.  You can find BunnyStar in world or on the marketplace ^^


*Style Card Behind the Cut

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Alien: Crossover

I’m on an alien kick lately so hopefully you all appreciate a good extraterrestrial now and again ^^  Aliens have always been my biggest fear.  There’s something about a hostile intelligent being that isn’t quite human but still seems familiar  that terrifies me.  I used to pull the blankets over my head as a child thinking that the thin fibers would serve as an impenetrable hideout during their midnight invasions.

Everything I’m wearing is mesh.  Everything. Well, that killer gun by Utilizator isn’t but I honestly consider that a prop more than anything else.  My body, outfit, head, and hair are all mesh though!

The mesh face is new and by the creator LOGO.  I have grown pretty fond of it!  It doesn’t look like my usual characters but I think that’s a good thing.  It’s nice to have a change of pace.  The face is sculpted into one shape but the creator gave a really detailed HUD that allows you to change eyeshadow, eye color, brow color, blush, eye lashes, nose shading/texture, and even facial expressions!  At the bottom of this entry you’ll see multiple snaps of the expressions side by side.  It’s exciting to have a sculpted lip with teeth showing that doesn’t look terrible from the side.  Love that!

The only issue I have with the mesh face is that when I’m taking photographs I like to up all of my graphics and max out everything.  I personally find that this face looks best without atmospheric shaders on.  Once I flip everything on the nose tends to look wider and the nostrils look a bit jagged.  I’ve tried tons of different windlight settings to attempt to get the best results.  If you do want to shoot using the mesh face, I find that “Places Astryls Wild” without atmospheric shaders on looks fantastic.  It has a bit of a retro cartoon vibe.  The face looks like an old school pin up babe and she’s stunning ^^  (The side-by-side expressions screenshots at the end of this post have atmospheric shaders turned off.)

The mesh body/outfit is a mesh avatar set by FlexE.  The option I’m using is the clothed avatar without the head.  That way I could use the mesh head by LOGO.  It also works with the standard SL avatar head.  While I am really, really happy with the quality of this piece, I am a little sad it didn’t come with a no head option on the nude version.  I bought the avatar in world so at first I thought I was maybe just missing the headless option.  I checked online, however, and the creator, hhefestos, explains in their marketplace listing that this is because there is no way to custom match the body to the avatar’s head, but I would have loved to give it a try.  It’s one of my dreams to have a fabulous mesh body to use with my usual avatar head (or even a fabulous mesh one).  Nevertheless, I am very pleased with both my FlexE purchase and my purchase from LOGO.  It’s so exciting to see new mesh creations from talented designers and creators!

*Another photo, a video, and the style card are just beyond the cut:

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From My Second Home to Yours

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!  I hope you’re all well and having an incredible day surrounded by the people you love!


Style Card: Merry Christmas

Dress: Fishy Strawberry: Plisse Dress in Sugar (I tinted the belt to match my shoes)

Fishnets: Erratic: Thin Fishnets in White

Shoes: G Field: Strap Shoes “Alex” in Red

Necklace: League: Vintage Jewelry Set

Skin: Pink Fuel: Elly – Sugar – Angelic

Freckles: Mynerva: Hundreds of Thousands

Hair: Truth:Agnes 2 Streaked in Snow

Eyes: Muism: Musing Eyes in Chocolate


Location: My Second Life Home

Pose: Milty

Windlight: Midnight

Blue Velvet Cake

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"All dressed up and no place to be."

Mmmm…I have a thing for cake.  It’s my favorite dessert treat and I love so many different flavors, especially red velvet.  For some reason, this look reminded me of something as sweet and as pretty as a pastry.

"You've called him but there was no reply."

And Miss Mhyja Questi look very lovely (and tasty) as usual.  The lingerie she’s wearing is by Indyra Originals and it looks delicious.  The cute little petticoat ruffles along the panties are just the icing on it all!

"You've cried once, walked out on him twice."

These super sexy boots are by Adam n Eve. They’re called the “Sleek Black Boots” and they have an incredible shape.  There’s something that seems very French about them, at least to me.  Maybe that’s just me craving treats again, though.  (I’m pretty hungry right now.)

"But that was yesterday when everything stopped feeling right."

Mhyja always makes a very beautiful model. In these images, she’s wearing an up-and-coming release from BunnyStar.  It’s the Eve skin but it’s coming out in a few different skin tones.  This one is “pale.”

"It's time you walked out. There's someone else out there to find."

All of you should go grab yourself a slice of cake today.  Get a slice for a friend too.  That is sure to make their day special ^_^


Style Card: Blue Velvet Cake

Lingerie Outfit: Indyra Originals: Caressa2: Noir

Boots: Adam n Eve: Sleek Black Boots

Necklace: LOULOU&CO: Enigma Necklace in Black

Gloves: PixelDolls: Net Fingerless Gloves (Part of Empire Lace Dress Set)

Skin: BunnyStar: Eve Pale (Future Release)

Shape: BunnyStar: Eve Shape

Hair: Truth: Adele in Swedish

Eyes: BunnyStar: Eve Eyes: Grey

At the World’s End

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"Beauty lived alone in the Garden."

I photographed the beautiful Miss. Mhyja Questi again.  This time, she had found this gorgeous, black gown with a great lingerie feel.  She looked absolutely stunning, and you wouldn’t believe how much she paid to own such a gorgeous dress!

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"Seeking comfort in a world that she once dreamt."

She paid nothing.  That’s right!  Nothing!  This is one of a couple dresses you can get for free just by joining the free group for World’s End Garden in-world.  There’s also a super cute cocktail dress and a romantic, white dress (that I happened to feature earlier in the week) for free as well.  The quality is excellent!  It’ll look like you paid quite a pretty L$ for the dresses.

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"And longed for a day when someone would find her."

The headpiece is free for joining the group too.  You pretty much get the entire outfit, including the pretty choker.  You’ll just need to use or purchase your own shoes.

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"Together, they would share what she had built."

World’s End Garden is a gorgeous sim, as well.  All of the images shown here were taken there.  When I first started playing Second Life back in March of this year, the sim looked very different.  While it was great then, I think it’s stunning now.  Plus, there seems to be quite a bit of traffic so you may be able to make a new friend or two.

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"Each day no lover would appear, but she held onto hope."

Elegance is something I wish there were more of in my day to day life.  Right now, I’m in my mid-twenties and I often live out of a suitcase since I travel a lot for work.  I can’t even remember the last time I wore a beautiful gown, but I remember the feeling.  Sometimes, it’s a thrill to get all dolled up for a special event.  I wish I would have realized that when I was a teenager going to dances!  Hehe.

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"That one day this rainbow-tinted fantasy would become her lucid paradise for good."


Mhyja’s Style Card: Woman at Her World’s End

Dress: World’s End Garden: “la nuit du chasseur”

Headpiece: World’s End Garden: “la rose noire rose de la reine”

Earrings: Violet Voltaire: Glitterati Earrings in Black

Shoes: Adam n Eve: Sleek Black Boots

Hair: Truth: Pamela

Skin/Eyes/Shape: BunnyStar: Eve Skin/Shape/Eyes Pack