Men’s Fashion: Blowing off Some City Steam

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"I knew a man."

Who’s that handsome fella?  Oh wait!  That’s me!  Yeah, if you ever bump into me in-world, there’s a chance I’ll look like this young gentleman.  He’s not really an alt.  I guess I’m too lazy to have one of those.  Instead, this guy, whom I’ve affectionately named “Kevin,” is just an addition to my inventory, the inventory of someone who is usually a woman.

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"A man who spent a lifetime wondering where he fit in."

I guess I just can’t help but have a male shape lying around in there.  Men’s fashions are just as fun as women’s.  Sadly, however, it’s hard to find great men’s wear in Second Life.  I really feel like the guys are being neglected a bit so I’ll do my best to blog about quality men’s items whenever I get the chance.

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"He got into trouble wherever he went."

And weapons!  If you read my blog, you know that I like a great weapon or two (or twenty).  For Kevin, I decided to go with the pistol from the Steampunk Pirate Masters Collection by Steam Powered Nuts.  I just got it today so I haven’t been able to try out the weapon’s features yet, but I can say it looks great. I did edit it by setting the shine setting from “low” to “none” for these images.  I’ll try to give updates on how it handles in the future.

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"And if he tried to stay away, well, trouble would just find him."

As for wardrobe, I stumbled upon a great store called Mr. Poet one day in SL.  I really like the textures that the creator uses.  You can tell they put a lot of thought into their designs and I appreciate that.  I’m sure I’ll be posting more from this designer in the future

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"Yeah, I knew a man. I knew him once and then never again."

If you know of any great men’s clothing stores, please let me know either through a comment here on the blog or through an IM in-world.  I’d love to showcase more men’s wear designers in the future.  There’s nothing wrong with looking your best, no matter what your gender or sex may be!


Style Card: City Steam

Jacket/Shirt Combo: Mr. Poet: Peacoat and Pleated Shirt-Vest Set in Black

Pants: Mr. Poet: Leather Woven Pants Black

Shoes: Redgrave: Aviator Loafers in Black

Weapon: Steam Powered Nuts: Pistol: Steampunk Pirate Masters Collection

Goggles: Bytegang Worlds: Kimiko Air Pilot Goggles

Hair: Drot: Josh: Smoke

Skin: Redgrave: Emil: Pale Skin: 2 Day Beard

Eyes: Redgrave: Granit

Lip Ring: ROZOREGALIA: Nornir: Lip Pierce 1

Ring: Design Extreme: Silver Inlaid Ring 1

Ear Gauges: I made them.  If you want a pair, just send me, “GasOven,” an IM in-world and I’ll gladly give you the set for free. They’d work on women, too.


Weapons: Cthulhu Made Me Do It

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"She's living still."

Sweet “Sticky Spawn of the Stars!”  This entry includes three of my favorite things: Guns, Horror, and Cthulhu! (Oh, and clothes.  This is some sort of fashion blog, right?  yeah, I’ll totally talk about the clothes…later.)

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"Winding down a dusty road and wading through the filth."

First off, this awesome sim is Innsmouth, and I recommend that all of you visit.  Use your midnight settings or use something foggy for maximum impact.  The place has an eerie feel and is excellent for role playing.  There’s even a wicked sewer system that makes you feel like you’ll finally be able to call Leela up and relate to her about something besides Nibbler being freaking adorable.

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"Knowing well that heroes can't just simply hide."

When it comes to weapons, the two guns I have strapped to my thighs (see image below) are my favorites at the moment.  They’re the “Mini Redemptions” dual chain gun revolvers by D-Z Guns/Creations and they have a bullet setting that makes me squeal like a 14 year old girl at a Justin Bieber concert.

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"Her only friend keeping close watch at her side."

The bullet option is called the “Nuke90” and it’s so badass that I’ve almost been kicked out of a sim for using it and honestly didn’t care.  Seriously, it looks so cool.  I’ll make sure I post more about the weapon in the future.  I wanted to show you all how the Nuke90 looks when detonated but I need to wait for a moment when there aren’t customers inside our in-world store.  From what I hear, using nuclear weapons on paying customers is a serious no-no.  I’m going to behave.

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"And when we look back we'll know her only by her kills."

That’s enough about the sexy guns, though.  (They’ll be back. They always come back.)  There’s something else awesome here.  The photo below shows my avatar riding on the Messenger to the Elder One’s shoulders!  That’s right.  Eric Cartman isn’t the only person who can thumb a ride from the High Priest himself!  This particular H.P. Lovecraft inspired creation is by my best friend Mhyja Questi of BunnyStar.  She originally surprised me with it as a gift. Luckily, you can get it too since it’s now sold at her store.  It’s ridable so you can take it anywhere you want.

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"Now a long-past legend in the world's library of thrills."

The cool thing about having the ridable Cthulhu in Innsmouth is that the sim actually has H.P. Lovecraft influences.  It’s fun to walk around in a sim that you feel like your toy was made for!

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"By mans' laws she can't abide. No one could tame that flame inside."

Oh!  And I wore some clothes in there at some point, too.  Yeah, fabric, and thread, and stuff.  I’ll include the details in the style card ^_^


Style Card: Basics for the Badass Babe

Jeans: Grumble: Exposed Jeans – Blue Ripped

Belt: Phoenix Design: Equestrienne Belt

Feathered Arm Band: Phoenix Design: Equestrienne Upper Arm

Tattoo: Para Designs: Mash Up (Black/Medium)

Hair: Magika: Ren

Skin: Redgrave: Leona

Guns: D-Z Guns/Creations: “Mini Redemptions” dual chain gun revolvers

Ridable Cthulhu: BunnyStar